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Perhaps the most pressing of children’s health issues today is childhood obesity. Children who suffer from a catastrophic illness have become a growing concern, and much of it may be attributed to the childhood obesity statistics:   

  • 22 percent of preschoolers are overweight
  • 15 percent of teens
  • Childhood obesity has tripled in the past 35 years
  • 40 percent of obese children remain obese into adulthood

From the food industry to the advertising sector, there have been constructive initiatives to deal with the obesity problem, including playground equipment for parks and shopping malls that encourage children to exercise. However, these efforts alone are not going to do the trick. A fundamental lifestyle change is necessary.

In addition to the childhood obesity epidemic, statistics show that each year in the U.S. there are approximately 12,400 children between the ages of one and 19 years of age who are diagnosed with cancer. About one in 300 boys and one in 333 girls will develop cancer before their 20th birthday. Parents can help protect their children and reduce their children's risk of getting cancer through natural health remedies, some that are outlined in the articles below. 

To help parents, we added a list of articles, blogs, and podcasts concerning the common children’s health issues today that you can read or listen to below. We also discuss other children's health issues such as vaccination, diet, obesity, and mental health.

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