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If you missed a recent bi-weekly newsletter from Jon Barron, don’t fret! We have archived all the health newsletters below for your convenience. Scroll topics or if you are looking for specific health information, use our search field above. More than likely, Jon covered your topic in one of these health newsletters!

Stroke Survivors’ Unhealthy Choices

If you had a stroke and survived the ordeal, you’d do everything in your power to get healthier, right? Unfortunately, while that might seem like the most rational plan, new research shows that more survivors are doing the opposite.  

Does Your Eye Color Influence SAD?

This time of year can bring on the doldrums in a lot of people. But if your blues are occurring more often, it is possible that you’re experiencing Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Air Pollution and Alzheimer’s Disease

In cities where air pollution is a bad problem, it has been linked to cognitive decline. And now, new research suggests that heavy air pollution might begin doing damage to the brain in early childhood.

Do You Have Hidden Glutamate Sensitivity?

If you ask 10 people on the street if they’ve ever had an MSG reaction, at least half will probably say yes.  If this is you, how do you avoid MSG?

The Benefits of Sex as a Senior

New research may suggest that sustaining a robust love life into your golden years can help you feel good all-around.

Like Fine Wine, Marriage Ages Well

The belief that over the years, life and passion leave a relationship may be wrong. Recent studies have investigated what actually happens to relationships over time…

So, What’s the Story with Studies?

Let's start the New Year with something a little bit different--a scientific study unlike any you've seen before. Scientific studies--and especially clinical trials--are considered the gold standard for the evaluation of most new medical treatments. If a treatment is...

How High Is Your Stroke Risk?

New research shows that, depending on where in the world you live, your stroke risk could be astonishingly higher than you might think.

What’s Really in Your Tap Water?

The Safe Water Drinking Act regulates 91 chemicals, but at this point, the US uses over 60,000 chemicals, and trace amounts of at least some of those end up in the water supply, without any law in place to regulate them. Find out what’s really in your tap water at home.

Dance Your Way to Long-Lasting Fitness

Are you the type who will start dancing around the kitchen as you are cook?  According to new research, dancing might be one of the best ways to stay healthy as you age.

High Sodium Diet Linked to AFib

It is worth the effort to cut back on table salt—at least the refined, easy pour brands. New research shows that too much salt consumption of the wrong kind might make you more susceptible to a condition that affects heart rhythms.

Going Bald, Men and Women

To reduce hair loss, maintaining proper ratios of Omega-6 to Omega-3 fatty acids is important. The proper ratio helps control both systemic inflammation and insulin resistance, which can both play a role in hair loss.

Body Fat and Breast Cancer

New research shows that, for at least one form of cancer, just having a little excess body fat might be a more important predictor than weight.


It is now clear that the rate of increase for osteoporosis is faster than the growth in population, and it is growing in parts of the world that never showed much evidence of it previously.

Does Neighborhood Affect Longevity?

Research has found that the poorer the neighborhood, the greater the likelihood of early death, but what are the stress factors that created such a stir?

Staying Healthy Through the Holidays

To help you make the most of the holidays, we’ve come up with a few tips to take you into the new year as healthfully as possible.

Getting Bullied at Work Harms Your Heart

Feeling bullied at work? If so, it might be time to update your resume and move on. According to new research, that type of situation can be quite detrimental to your physical health.

Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Alzheimer’s is set to become our next big medical terror. What is Alzheimer’s? What do we know about it? What can we do about it?


If you missed a recent bi-weekly newsletter from Jon Barron, don’t fret! We have archived all the health newsletters below for your convenience. Scroll topics or if you are looking for specific health information, use our search field above. More than likely, Jon covered your topic in one of these health newsletters!

A Simple Trick for Better Sleep

New research suggests that there’s a surprisingly simple solution that might improve your slumber every night.

Smoking Fentanyl

People have been smoking Fentanyl pain patches, many times with deadly consequences.

About “Lessons From the Miracle Doctors”

Free Book Download: Americans spend more and more on health care and yet heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, and cancer rates continue to sky-rocket. Jon Barron offers strong health alternatives in his...

Higher Cancer Risks for Night Shift Workers

Do you work the night shift?  There may be health issues associated with working overnight, including new evidence that it might be linked to certain types of cancer.

Hazardous Air Inside Your Car

Do you eat, drink, and spill in your car? Aside from the aesthetic nightmare created by driving around in a pigpen and the humiliation if discovered by your mother or your boss, you might actually be creating a health risk in your own driver’s seat, even if the car stays parked in your garage.

Brain Boosting Herbs — Natural Brain Focus

More Info: In this video, Jon explores a combination of brain boosting herbs that both sharpen and brighten your brain, while inducing a state of relaxed alertness. Did you know that relaxed alertness,...

Young Adults Feel Pressure to be Perfect

People like to complain, “what’s the matter with kids today?” Is it possible that this difficult period of life has gotten even harder in recent years?

Larger Glasses = More Alcohol Consumption

While it can be very nice to unwind at the end of a long day with a glass of wine, it’s important to keep in mind that this is not a calorie-free endeavor. Find out why those drinks come at such a high caloric cost.

Growing Brains in Labs

scientists have now figured out how to grow mini human brains from scratch. While it’s “mind-blowing,” the more startling development is that some of those brains have been successfully implanted into various non-human critters!

2018 Flu Season and Immunization

Any vaccination, whether it’s for you or your children, should be a personal choice. (Sadly, many states are moving away from that option.) But that choice should be based on facts, not fear and emotion.

A 10-Minute Workout Boosts Brainpower

What is the number one thing you can do 10 minutes before a test, lecture, speech, or anything that involves brainpower?  Find out…

Foods to Eat for the Healthiest Lungs

A new study found that greater consumption of both tomatoes and apples is associated with healthier lungs that show fewer signs of age-related damage.

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