Natural Immune System Boosters To Fight Infections | Special Report

Date: 05/01/2004    Written by: Jon Barron

Herbs That Boost Your Immunity

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Immune Tonic

Regular use of an herbal immune tonic offers the following benefits:

  • Fights infection.
  • Strengthens tissues against assault by invading microorganisms.
  • Stimulates macrophage capability.
  • Increases T-Cell production and protects T-helper cells.
  • Complements the action of Interferon and Interlukin 1.
  • Assists the Cell Mediated Immune Response.

Your Immune System

Under normal circumstances, your immune system responds to foreign organisms by producing antibodies and stimulating specialized cells, which destroy the organisms or neutralize their toxic products. A second major function of your immune system is to watch over all of the cells of your body to ensure that they are not abnormal.

Scientists have known for years that it is possible to improve the functioning of the immune system. A good immune tonic combines the most powerful herbal immune enhancers the world has to offer and concentrates them to a degree never before seen on the planet. Such enhancers include herbs such as:


A key ingredient in the tonic is Echinacea, which is truly a miracle herb. For one thing, it contains echinacoside (a natural antibiotic, comparable to penicillin in effect) that can kill a broad range of viruses, bacteria, fungi, and protozoa, which makes it invaluable in wound healing and the treatment of infectious diseases. Research has also reported echinacea's efficacy in treating colds, flu, bronchitis, tuberculosis, infections, etc.

Echinacea also contains echinacein, a biochemical that protects against germ attack by neutralizing the tissue dissolving enzyme, hyaluronidase, produced by many germs. Also, studies, such as the one published in Infection and Immunology, show that echinacea contains substances that boost the ability of your body's macrophages to destroy germs. And other studies from the University of Munich have shown that echinacea extracts boost T-cell production by as much as 30% more than other immune boosting drugs.

Pau d'arco

Pau d'arco (Tabebuia heptophylla) comes from the rain forests of Brazil and other areas of South America. This amazing herb nourishes the body's defense system and helps protect against pathogenic organisms. It has been used for centuries to improve immune function, detoxify, and reduce pain throughout the body -- especially in the joints.

Research has shown that it contains a natural antibacterial agent, has a healing effect on the entire body, cleanses the blood, and kills viruses.

It has been used as a treatment for AIDS, allergies, infections and inflammations, anemia, asthma, arthritis, arteriosclerosis, as a blood builder, bronchitis, all types of cancer, candidiasis, colitis, cystitis, smoker's cough, diabetes, eczema, paralysis of the eyelids, fistulas, gastritis, gonorrhea, hemorrhages, hernias, Hodgkin's disease, liver disease, leukemia, lupus, malaria, multiple sclerosis, nephritis, osteomyelitis, pain, Parkinson's disease, polyps, prostatitis, psoriasis, pyorrhea, rheumatism, ringworm, skin cancer, skin sores, spleen infections, snake bites, ulcers including varicose ulcers, varicose veins, warts, and wounds.


Natives of the Amazon jungle have used Suma for at least the last 300 years. It wasn't until 1975, however, that Suma was introduced to the 20th century and tested at the University of São Paulo, Brazil.

The studies, conducted by Dr. Milton Brazzach, concluded that although it was not a cure, it nevertheless brought significant relief for cancer, diabetes, and gout sufferers -- with no undesirable side effects.

Since then, studies at the American College of the Healing Arts by Dr. Michael Tierra, author of The Way of Herbs, indicated that consistent use of Suma may help combat fatigue (including treatment of chronic fatigue and low energy conditions), prevent colds and flus, speed healing, regulate blood sugar, and stimulate the sex drive.

The key working ingredients in Suma are

  • Pfaffic acid, which prevents the spread of various cells disorders.
  • Pfaffocides and other saponins, which help stop diseases already in progress.
  • The plant hormones sitosterol and stigmasterol, which prevent cholesterol absorption and improve blood circulation.
  • Alantoin, which helps accelerate healing
  • And most important of all: Germanium. Suma has one of the highest concentrations of Ge-132 of any plant in existence.

What's the big deal with Ge-132? It was actually discovered about 20 years ago by a Japanese research chemist named Kazuhiko Asai. It's full name is bis-Carboxyethylgermanium Ses- quioxide (or Germanium Sesquioxide, for short).

According to studies by Dr. Parris M. Kidd, "This substance, while free of major side effects, can apparently invigorate, rejuvenate, restore sexual function, protect against miscarriages during pregnancy, heal burns without scarring, cure radiation sickness, restore eyesight and hearing, kill the pain of advanced cancer, and shrink cancers within weeks. Circulatory disorders, including heart attacks, angina pectoris, stroke, and peripheral impairments response well to Ge-132, as do hepatitis and cirrhosis and several behavior disorders."


Many of the compounds found in the medicinal mushrooms such as Reishi, Maitake, and Cordyceps are classified as Host Defense Potentiators (HDP). These compounds include: active hemicellulose (AHCC), polysaccharides, polysaccharide-peptides, nucleosides, triterpeniods, complex starches, and other metabolites. It is believed that combinations of these products target and strengthen the human immune system as well as aid in neuron transmission, metabolism, hormonal balance and the transport of nutrients and oxygen. Through a host-mediated (T cell) immune mechanism, they help the body regulate the development of lymphoid stem cells and other important defense responses.

Cordyceps, the final ingredient in the tonic, has properties similar to those of ginseng and has been used to strengthen and rebuild the body after exhaustion or long-term illness. It has also been used traditionally for impotence, neurasthenia, and backache.

Recent research with extracts of Cordyceps has yielded a protein-bound polysaccharide with high oral activity against tumors, as well as immunological enhancement. Cordyceps is one of the most valued medicinal fungi in all Chinese medicine, among the most potent, and also one of the most expensive (costing as much as $249 per kilogram). Cordyceps is widely employed to treat upper respiratory problems, impotence, weakened immune systems, and by athletes to increase endurance.


Astragalus root is an immunostimulant used in the treatment of chronic viral infections, hepatitis, edema, common cold, and flu. In vitro, Astragalus increases the interferon response to viral infection and works synergistically with administered interferon. It increases phagocytic activity and antibody levels and improves the functioning of natural killer cells.

Perrila Frutescens

Perilla extract can help restore the healthy Th1/Th2 balance thereby enhancing your body's immune system and minimizing the possibility of autoimmune disorders.

Using Immune Tonic

The important thing to understand is that the immune system responds best to periodic stimulus, as opposed to constant stimulus. That is to say, you don't want to use an immune tonic every day. It's not that anything bad happens; it just becomes less effective.

You can choose any schedule you like, as long as you consume a bottle a month in three weeks or less. That means that each month you take a minimum of one consecutive week off. Any of the following schedules will work.

  • Take 3 dropper's-worth in 2 oz of juice, 3 times a day until the bottle is finished (approximately 1-week). Repeat each month
  • Take 3 dropper's-worth, once a day, until the bottle is finished (approximately 3-weeks).
  • If you're feeling like you might be getting sick, take 3-6 dropper's-worth every hour until the bottle is finished (approximately 1-2 days)

Immunify by Baseline Nutritionals

Note: a dropper's-worth is 30 drops. The amount that fills a dropper when you squeeze it once -- about half the dropper.

Pathogen Destroyer Tonic

Colds and flus are not only inconvenient and uncomfortable, they can also be extremely dangerous -- especially to the very young and the very old. Unfortunately, modern medicine has little to offer in the treatment of colds and flu. Fortunately, we do. There is no need to suffer from colds and flu for days, or weeks at a time.

A good pathogen destroyer formula contains some of the most powerful anti-viral agents in nature.


Garlic is one of the best infection fighters available for both bacterial and viral infections. One of its many ingredients, allicin, is a natural antibiotic that does not appear to create resistant bacteria strains. In addition, fresh garlic extract has been shown to be virucidal to many viruses.

Garlic possesses the ability to stimulate the immune system. It can stimulate the activity of the macrophages (white blood cells), which engulf foreign organisms, such as: viruses, bacteria, and yeast. Furthermore, garlic increases the activity of the T-helper cells (immune cells which are central to the activity of the entire immune system). Garlic may be particularly effective in treating upper respiratory viral infections due to its immune-enhancing properties and its ability to clear mucous from the lungs

The same component that gives garlic its strong odor is the one that destroys, or inhibits various bacteria and fungi. The component is allicin, and when crushed, combines with the enzyme allinase and results in antibacterial action equivalent to 1% penicillin.

Garlic is also effective against strep, staph, and even anthrax bacteria


Everything that's been said about Garlic can be said about onion. Onions and garlic share many of the same powerful sulfur bearing compounds that work so effectively as anti-viral and anti-bacterial agents.


Ginger has been traditionally used to treat colds and flu. Chinese studies have shown that ginger helps kill influenza viruses, and an Indian report shows that it increases the immune system's ability to fight infection.

Olive Leaf Extract

Olive leaf extract has a long history of being used against illnesses in which microorganisms play a major role. In more recent years, a drug company discovered that in vitro (test tube) an extract from olive leaf (calcium elenolate) was effective in eliminating a very broad range of organisms, including bacteria, viruses, parasites, and yeast/mold/fungus.

Habenero and Horseradish

These are stimulants that quicken and excite the body. They energize the body (helping it to marshal its defenses against invading viruses). In addition, they help to carry blood to all parts of the body.

They are also diaphoretics and thus help raise the temperature of the body, which increases the activity of the body's immune system.

Horseradish, in partidcular, contains volatile oils that are similar to those found in mustard. These include glucosinolates (mustard oil glycosides), gluconasturtiin, and sinigrin, which yield allyl isothiocynate when broken down in the stomach. In test tubes, the volatile oils in horseradish have shown antibiotic properties, which may account for its effectiveness in treating throat and upper respiratory tract infections. At levels attainable in human urine after taking the volatile oil of horseradish, the oil has been shown to kill bacteria that can cause urinary tract infections, and one early trial found that horseradish extract may be a useful treatment for people with urinary tract infections.

Liquid Ionic Zinc

Like colloidal silver, liquid zinc is anti-bacterial and anti-viral, but without the potential toxicity issues found with silver. Zinc is found in all body fluids, including the moisture in the eyes, lungs, nose, urine, and saliva. Proper zinc levels offer a defense against the entrance of pathogens. In the 1800's, surgeons used zinc as an antiseptic/antibiotic after surgery; they noted its amazing healing properties. Wounds would heal, at times, as quickly as 24 hours after an operation, without swelling, and scarring was barely noticeable after a short period of time.

Oil of Wild Mountain Oregano

Numerous studies have shown wild mountain oregano oil (not to be confused with the oregano found in your kitchen) to be a potent antimicrobial. It has been proven useful as an antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal agent rivaling even pharmaceutical antibiotics such as streptomycin, penicillin, vacnomycin, nystatin, and amphotericin in it's ability to eliminate microbes. Remarkably it accomplishes this without promoting the development of drug resistant strains and other problems often attributed to the use of standard antibiotics. In addition to this already impressive list of abilities Oregano Oil is also a powerful parasitic expellant.

Grapefruit Seed Extract

Grapefruit seed extract was originally developed as an antiparasitic, but studies quickly showed that it had the ability to inhibit the growth of not only parasites, but fungi, viruses, and bacteria as well. The active ingredients of grapefruit seed extract are non-toxic and are synthesized from the seed and pulp of certified organically grown grapefruit. The process converts the grapefruit bioflavonoids (polyphenolics) into an extremely potent compound that is being used to kill strep, staph, salmonella, E. Coli, candida, herpes, influenza, parasites, fungi, and more.

Apple-Cider Vinegar

ACV (Apple-Cider Vinegar) serves several functions in the garlic tonic formula:

  • It's the tincture medium for the formula, as opposed to alcohol (which is the tincture medium in an immune tonic).
  • ACV is anathema to all kinds of germs that attack the throat. In effect, it acts like a sponge and draws out throat germs and toxins from the surrounding tissue.
  • And finally, ACV stimulates a condition called acetolysis -- in which toxic wastes that are harmful to the body are broken down and rendered harmless.

Using Garlic Tonic

At the first sign of a cold or flu, start taking your garlic tonic. Take 3-10 droppers-worth every hour in juice. Tomato juice works great. All of the garlic and onion and "hot" stuff in the tonic make it taste like a Snappy Tom. (For sore throats, make sure you let it wash down the throat.) Keep taking until you finish the bottle.

Take in conjunction with an immune tonic and look for the cold or flu to break in 24-hours!

Herb Quality

99% of the herbs used by American companies do not come from the US. They are imported from Eastern Europe, and from many third-world countries such as India, China, and Mexico.

Unfortunately, these countries use large amounts of insecticides and pesticides in the growing of their herbs. DDT is still commonly used in Asia and Mexico, whereas organo-phosphate nerve-gas based insecticides are commonly used throughout Eastern Europe.

It's also worth noting that most of the areas in which these herbs are grown in these countries are heavily polluted. The herbs are inundated by polluted rain and irrigated by polluted rivers. In Eastern Europe, for example, there have been no environmental laws for decades. Rivers have been used as open sewers. Everything from chemical toxic waste to radioactive waste -- no joke -- has been dumped into these rivers.

The reason most American companies use these herb sources, regardless of the problems just mentioned, is that they are cheap -- with herbs costing just pennies a pound. Good quality organic and wildcrafted herbs cost as much as 20 times more. Before you use any company's herbal formulations, you should learn where their herbs come from.

High-Energy, Ultra-Potent

Certainly, the quality of the herbs used in a tincture (a highly concentrated liquid herbal formulation) is fundamental to its effectiveness, but it is by no means the only factor. How a tincture is made is of equal importance.

It has been known for centuries that if you time the "brewing" of a tincture to the phases of the moon, the resulting tincture is stronger. Specifically, if you start your tincture on the new moon and squeeze it on the full moon, it will be 10-15% stronger than an untimed tincture. This certainly sounds magical and mystical, particularly because no one has ever known why it works. Nevertheless it has been demonstrated over and over again that those tinctures made in accordance with the phases of the moon are demonstrably stronger.

Incidentally, no commercial manufacturer "brews to the moon" because it takes too long and can only be started on one day a month -- on the day of the new moon. Instead, virtually all commercial manufacturers use a 3 or 4-day brewing process totally unconnected to the phases of the moon.

But recently, a remarkable discovery was made. Along with Ron Manwarren, the president of Royal Botanicals, I discovered the actual principle behind "moon phase brewing." We were then able to develop a process that incorporates this "Barron Effect®" into the brewing process -- but at a strength dozens of times stronger than the moon itself. The net result is herbal tinctures that are 50-100% stronger than anything that has ever been seen in the history of the world.

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    I am sure you are aware that it was formerly known as Russian Penicillin and was used extensively during previous wars to successfully treat amputees, as was honey, which I know is being used in modern dresssings and in surgery.
    If you have time to include an article on 'propolis'it would be appreciated.
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    Good Morning
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    Thank you....God Bless


    Submitted by Guest on
    September 6, 2011 - 1:10am

    Raw organic almonds.They contain a substance that big pharma is now trying to copy and patent, hence laws to sterilize all almonds and roast them before selling

    Submitted by J. on
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    Sounds like you have acid reflux. That means too little stomach acid. You must increase stomach acid. HCL, Apple cider vinegar, bitters will increase stomach acid and decrease or eliminate acid reflux. There is no reason to strengthen the ring in the esophagus, none. No one has ever referred to that, ever.

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    I'd eat ice cream all day verses grains. Lol

    The rest healed on it own.

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    Submitted by BaselineFoundation on
    July 27, 2011 - 6:10pm

    Hi Ronald,

    Well, that certainly would put an end to the “wine effect” since red wine contains both quercetin and resveratrol. Did they forget to mention that at the anti-aging conference? 

    Submitted by rose on
    September 6, 2011 - 9:12am

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    Hi Rose,

    See our link blurb above:  "Find out more about Jon Barron's formulas and where to find them at our product recommendation page:"  Just look for "Immune Boosters" and click on the link to the right on where to buy.

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    Golden Seal and Dandelion Root are also two herbs I used to use to boost the immune system along with Echinacea, but at that time ironically; didn't know that MS was in my system all the time I was taking them. Then years later was diagnosed with MS. Wow, that was a kick in the pants.

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    See our link blurb above:  "Find out more about Jon Barron's formulas and where to find them at our product recommendation page:"  Just look for "Immune Boosters" and click on the link to the right on where to buy.  You will see that these two are sold by Baseline Nutritionals.



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    As Jon says, "Blood is not just the sum of its parts. It's an integrated whole—an organ.  All the parts interrelate and function as one unit. Each part affects the other."  I would read this newsletter for more information and tips at the end:

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