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The Colon

In this newsletter, we turn to the large intestine, or colon, which absorbs any remaining water in the feces and...
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Colon Detox vs Colonics

What is the difference between a traditional colonic and a colon detox program? Which is better and why? The best way...
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Detox Library

Soda and Kidney Disease Air Pollution Leads to Blood Clots Liver Detox and Alcohol Blood of My Ancestors Blood of...
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Colon Detox Recipe

To use this recipe, be sure to check out our day by day colon detox instructions. Remember to start with...
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Why Detox?

Jon Barron and The Baseline of Health® Foundation have touted for years that regular detoxing of ALL major organs is...
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Colon Detox FAQs

Below is a list of questions and answers pertaining to the colon detox, the first step to cleansing toxins out...
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Colon Detox: Introduction

Colon detoxing and intestinal cleansing are the foundation for other phases of the full body detox because if the intestinal...
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Posture and Back Pain

Research suggests that the traditional upright position with the back at a 90-degree position in relation to the legs, most...
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Cascara Sagrada

If you have ever suffered from constipation, you are not alone. 63 million people in North America suffer from constipation...
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Mistletoe Extract

Mistletoe may prove much more valuable than simply as a sprig to stand under for a smooch with a loved...
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Flaxseed is considered by many to be one of the most powerful foods on the planet. According to history, this...
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