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Our goal is to provide free, cutting-edge health information to health advocates across the globe. Bookmark this page to and enjoy the rich, diverse media so you can read, view, or listen to the latest health news and reports!

  • The Baseline of Health Blog
    Stay current with Jon’s Blog that covers the most current natural health studies, alternative medicine issues, medical myths, and learn how to protect yourself through a wealth of natural health tips and tricks. The blog is perfect for those who need short, quick information concerning their health.
  • Newsletter Archives
    If you want more in-depth alternative health information than what is found on the blog, then you will want to sign up for Jon Barron’s free bi-weekly newsletters. Check out our archives to get an idea of the research behind these detailed health articles covering everything from heart disease to cancer and weight loss.
  • Barron Reports
    Find out why Jon Barron is known as one of the top formulation consultants in the supplement and functional food industry. Here Jon reveals his secrets in detail about specific herbal and nutraceutical recommendations for a wide variety of health ailments. Jon not only recommends which herbs to look for in a formula, but also artfully explains why each ingredient complements the entire formula.
  • Special Reports
    For those of you who are new to our site, we have created a special list of popular newsletters and reports that have been most frequently reviewed. This is a great place to start on some of the more common health issues, but don’t forget to review our archived Newsletters and Health Topics Page for more in depth information.

Listen to Jon Barron’s Radio Clips or Audio Book:

  • Free Audio Book: Take Back Your Health Audio Series
    If you are too busy to read Jon’s book, enjoy Jon Barron’s free audio series called “Take Back Your Health” that parallels many of the chapters in Jon Barron’s book Lessons from the Miracle Doctors — with a few added nuggets of information.
  • Radio Show Archives
    Jon Barron has been heard on many radio shows across the US including 1010 WGUN, 960 KZIM, 1300 WERE AM, 89.7 FM KACC, 89.3 FM WMKV. Enjoy an archive of his past radio appearances coving everything from detoxing to the type of salt that is actually good for you!
  • The Baseline of Health Foundation Official Podcast
    This not an ordinary health podcast, but radio clips of Jon Barron’s bi-weekly health report as the resident health expert for 1680 AM “Healthy Trends” radio show in LA. Jon covers the latest trends, news, and even political issues surrounding health and nutrition today. You don’t want to miss these!

Watch Jon Barron’s Latest Health Videos:

  • Health Video
    Here you will find video recordings, interviews, and special presentations featuring Jon Barron. Be sure to watch these videos all the way through as they contain a wealth of knowledge and information!

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