Alternative Medicine vs Skeptic Dictionary | Health Podcast

Date: 04/27/2012

Dr. Bob Carroll's "Skeptic Dictionary" Attacks Alternative Medicine

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Recently, Dr. Bob Carroll and his "Skeptic's Dictionary" wrote an article attacking alternative medicine, homeopathic remedies, and the need for supplements.  An entire page, in which Dr. Carroll attacks some of the information on this site, is dedicated to Jon Barron and the Baseline of Health foundation.   His claim is that any benefit received from alternative medicine "comes from the placebo effect."

In this week’s Healthy Trends podcast, Jon Barron brings up data that clearly dismisses Dr. Carroll’s arguments against various alternative medicine concepts and practices, specifically cellular energy and its relation to cancer, mercury detox through chelation therapy, the use of natural supplements, and the benefits of colon cleansing. 

For a more complete discussion, see Jon's full rebuttal of Robert Carroll's Skeptic Dictionary.