Hearing Loss

  • Anemia Linked to Hearing Loss
    Hearing loss is a very common problem, and not just among the elderly. Now it would seem there are other causes as well. New research suggests that one of these contributing factors might be something you’d never suspect: iron deficiency anemia.
  • Hearing Aids without Prescriptions | Natural Health Blog
    Hearing aids are expensive, but there may be an effective alternative.
  • Protecting Your Hearing at Concerts | Health Blog
    Wearing earplugs can protect you from hearing loss related to exposure to loud music.
  • Ginkgo Biloba For Hearing Loss vs Hearing Aids -- Health Blog
    One third of those aged 65-74 have hearing loss, and by the time you reach age 75, it's a much surer bet, with two-thirds in the hard-of-hearing club.
  • Virus to Cure Genetic Deafness | Health Blog
    Scientists successfully restored hearing to profoundly deaf lab mice using a virus, and they're hopeful that the discovery will lead to human treatments by 2025.
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