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Have a Healthy Valentine’s Day

Healthy Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day isn’t always the easiest of holidays. If you’re in a relationship, then you get to celebrate. That’s great, except for the pressure to get the right gift and the stress of figuring out how not spend your day gorging on a fancy French dinner and pounds of chocolates. If, on the other hand, you are not in a relationship, you might feel lonely or depressed, while everyone else is focusing on a day that was created to celebrate romantic love. And that could lead to gorging yourself on comfort foods at home or choosing greasy appetizers and fried dishes at dinner with your single friends.

Either way, we’re here to help. There are lots of strategies for making it through Valentine’s Day with your emotional health intact and your waistline the same size it was last week. Here’s an even half-dozen for both couples and singles. So, take one or more of them to make the most of this holiday in a healthy and enjoyable way.

For a Romantic Night with That Special Someone in Your Life…

Don’t make a reservation at that overpriced, overcrowded restaurant. Instead, plan something equally romantic but different. Get tickets to a fun concert to spend the night singing and dancing (or go to a local sporting event to spend the evening cheering and walking up and down those stadium stairs if it’s more your thing). Pack a nutritious, delicious picnic dinner to eat in a nearby park or to spread out in your car.

For a Fun Celebration With a Few Friends…

Plan a group activity that will keep you all busy and not thinking about the date on the calendar, such as taking a healthy cooking class, attending a painting night to make your own artwork, laughing it up at a comedy club, walking through a museum and discussing the works on display, or dancing the night away at a club (being sure not to over-consume a number of high-calorie drinks from the bar). If you can’t find anything appealing in your area to go out to, invite the gang over and host a game night with cards, classic board games, and low-calorie snacks.

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For a More Active Twist on the Holiday…

Take a bike ride that leads you through some beautiful scenery or go on a hike where the summit will give you a breathtaking view. Too cold where you live for those kinds of activities? Try some nighttime skiing or an evening of ice skating instead. If you’d prefer to stay indoors, go bounce like a kid at a trampoline place or reach for new heights on a rock-climbing wall.

For a More Traditional, Food-Centered Evening…

Sometimes, you just want a relaxing evening of good food and conversation, and there’s definitely nothing wrong with that choice. If you opt to go out to dinner, just try to find a restaurant with healthy offerings like salad and fish. Or, you can make a great meal at home without going to too much effort that will keep with the theme of the evening. Put some red foods on the menu to get into the spirit of the holiday, such as tomatoes (rich in vitamin C and lycopene), red peppers (full of vitamin C), and kidney beans (high in fiber and potassium). For dessert, focus on fruit and if you want to add splashes of red, include raspberries, cherries, and cranberries.

For a Night of De-Stressing…

There are plenty of romantic options that can melt your stress away and get you into a great place mentally. Consider booking a couples massage, scheduling some kissing and cuddling time together (since that type of affection releases hormones that lower stress levels and blood pressure), choose a sexy movie to watch, or take a bath together with the lights dimmed and soft music in the background. If you’re not part of a couple at the moment, you too can de-stress by doing yoga, putting scented oils such as lavender or eucalyptus in a diffuser for a relaxing aromatherapy experience, dedicating some time to reading an interesting new book, embracing your inner child with a box of crayons and an adult coloring book, or closing your eyes and listening to your favorite music.

For a Valentine’s Day Gift…

Instead of buying a big box of chocolates or flowers that probably won’t last the week, consider a Valentine’s Day present that shows your mate the depth of your love because you want them to live a long and healthy life. A gym membership, yoga mat, fitness tracker, workout clothes, new water bottle—the list is practically endless. Choose something your significant other will appreciate and value, just like you appreciate and value him or her every day.

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