Liver Detox & Gallbladder Cleanse, Day 2

Day 2: Liver Detox & Gallbladder Cleanse

On day two, you may be experiencing a variety of reactions, including:

  • Hunger
  • Headaches
  • Stomach cramps
  • Fatigue
  • Spaciness
  • Tight muscles

If you find yourself feeling really “off” during the detox and you haven’t gone to the bathroom in a while, make sure to drink plenty of water and try an enema. It’s amazing how moving the detox waste out of your bowels can make you feel better quickly. Make sure you’re using a colon corrective formula and psyllium or oat bran fiber to facilitate waste removal.

For those of you who complain about hunger, that should fade as you continue on. Hunger literally goes away. It’s usually not hunger that makes you want to eat again; it’s habit and boredom.

For the next couple of days, keep in mind that detoxes and fasts are characterized by ebbs and flows. You have periods where you feel spectacular, energized, and alive. Then without warning, you feel sluggish, off, or even ill as the toxins make themselves known. Remember, this is not an endurance contest. If you reach a point that you feel is unbearable, listen to your body and back off. You can always do the detox again later. On the other hand, if you’re feeling merely uncomfortable or somewhat “off,” stick with it. You will come out the other side.

By the way, a side benefit of the detox is that you may notice your senses starting to come alive tomorrow – the third day of the detox. Taste, smell, vision, etc. can become greatly enhanced. Be aware and enjoy! During a detox, your body gets to talk to you. It’s important that you listen to it.

TIP FOR DAY TWO: Everybody is on a juice fast today – no salads or whole fruit allowed for the next three days. Only juice and green food: Spirulina, Chlorella, Blue Green Algae, Green Barley extract, etc.

Remember to drink your potassium broth today.  And now for daily instructions:

Day 2 Upon Wakening

1. First thing on rising, drink 8 oz. of pure water to flush your digestive tract.  

2. Then, consume 4 droppers of Blood Support™ and 4 droppers of Liver Tincture™Note: A dropper equals 1ml, as marked on the dropper. 

3.  Turn on stove and simmer Liver Flush Tea for at least 20 minutes. Then turn heat to as low as it can go to keep the tea warm for you to scoop out as needed throughout the day.  

1 Hour Later

Make Morning Flush Drink.  Make and drink the Morning Flush Drink using the same instructions on Day 1 or the Recipes page, with the following changes:

    • 1 cup of freshly squeezed organic orange juice (juiced or store bought) 
    • Juice of one lemon (use lemon squeezer)
    • 2 Tbsp. organic extra virgin olive oil (increase by 1 Tbsp. each day)
    • 1/2-1” organic fresh ginger root
    • 2 cloves organic garlic (increase by 1 clove each day, need 15 total to cover 5 days)
    • 8 ounces of pure water

15 Minutes Later

Fifteen minutes after consuming your Morning Flush Drink, follow with 2 cups of the Liver Flush TeaNote: You may sweeten the tea with Honey or real Maple syrup.  Be sure to strain out any small tea bits before adding to your cup to drink.  Continue to keep the Liver Flush Tea on the stove at the lowest heat throughout the day.

IMPORTANT: Any time between now and lunch, feel free to have some diluted fruit and/or vegetable juice.  You don’t need to wait until lunch to have this, the point isn’t to starve yourself.  This is not a fast, this is a cleanse.  And start drinking your potassium broth!


1. Consume 4 droppers of Blood Support™ and 4 droppers of Liver Tincture™. Note: A dropper equals 1ml, as marked on the dropper.        

2.  For lunch, you can have more diluted juice and potassium broth.  Be sure to add two, 3 gram packets of the Sun Chlorella to your juice.  Continue to drink lots of water!                                      


Drink more diluted fruit and/or vegetable juice.  Continue to drink lots of water and drink some potassium broth.


1. Consume 4 droppers of of Blood Support™ and 4 droppers of Liver Tincture™. Note: A dropper equals 1ml, as marked on the dropper.        

2. For dinner, you can have more diluted juice.  Continue to drink lots of water!

1 Hour Later

Mix 1 Tbsp. Psyllium Husks in 8 oz. of water and juice and drink.

Now is a good time to take Colon Corrective and have more Liver Flush Tea.


Drink more water and Liver Flush Tea.  Drink Potassium Broth.  As much as possible, do not add spices to the potassium broth. If you must, though, you can add a little “Bragg Liquid Aminos” or real Tamari sauce for flavor.

Before Bed

At night, turn off the heat to the tea and just top the pot off with water and add 2 more tablespoons of Liver Flush Tea to the mix and repeat the simmering process in the morning. Each day, the tea just gets stronger and richer. When the taste gets too strong for you, pour out and start fresh.

Tip:  On your printed Detox Daily Diet Chart, it may helpful to cross out the boxes as you complete them to help you keep track of where you are for the day.  For example, once you complete the “wake” and “1 Hour Later”, put a big X through them. 



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