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Colon Detox and Intestinal Cleansing Testimonials

Over the years, we have collected numerous cleansing and detoxification testimonials from Jon Barron’s natural detox program. Below you are welcome to review our colon detox testimonials, followed by links to other detox reviews. Do you have a detox testimonial you want to share? Let us know, just add a comment at the bottom!

Colon Detox Testimonials

“My name is Bill and I am 67 years old. I’ve suffered from Crohns disease for the last 2+ years. My doctor has had me on 21 different drugs. Some of the drugs I was taking included 6,000 mgs of Asacol, Prednisone and Methadone for the pain. I could not walk or sit; my bladder shut down; and I had to wear a catheter. I had lost 45 lbs and any food that I ate went right thru me. My doctor’s notes when he put me in the hospital read, ‘this man is one sick puppy’.

I spent 2 years in and out of the hospital. During one of the out times, they performed a colonoscopy. That day I hemorrhaged and lost 2 pints of blood and they rushed me to the emergency room. The doctors tried to cauterize the bleeding (in the rectum) and apparently perforated the colon. After this episode, I ended up with a large fistula on the outside of my anus. The fecal matter got into my blood stream, and I was hospitalized again with a major blood infection.

I finally was allowed to go home under nurse home care. I had to take intravenous antibiotics (the strongest on the market) thru a ‘PIC’ installed into my heart cavity…for 1 month. After this and 2 surgeries on the fistula, although painfully, my diet consisted of nothing but canned fruit, vegetables and yogurt because my system would not tolerate any fiber.

The final diagnosis ended up being Crohn’s/Ulcerated Colitis, which was not healing. My doctor recommended a temporary colostomy. If my colon did not heal after the colostomy, the bag would remain a permanent part of me. I did not want to live this way.

About 2 months ago, a friend of mine who is a Bio Chemist and an expert Forensic Pathologist (he works for the government) told me that I needed to cleanse my colon and that he had researched every cleansing product on the market for his ill father (who is now well). He had come to the independent conclusion that your cleansing program was the very best available. He told me it would take a total commitment on my part, but if I changed my diet to include raw food and juicing, plus using your formula recommendations to the letter, I would regain my health.

I said I would do it. I was determined to do everything he suggested since my alternative was the surgery. He said try it for one month and I would definitely see an improvement. I started the Colon Detox Program, the Liver/Blood Support, Baselines’ SuperViragon and Immunify formulas, and 8 cups of the Liver tea a day while eating a normal food diet.

One month later I’m off all the drugs I was taking; my pain is gone; my energy has returned and I can eat normal food. I gave my cases of canned food and yogurt to a local charity and cancelled my colostomy surgery. I have an appointment with my doctor this week and will be telling him about your product formulations, your book and my cure. I can’t wait to see the look on his face.

P.S. Just to let you know the results of my doctors’ appointment; my blood work and the exam were excellent. After I told him, that I stopped all med’s and l use a natural cure, he said “I don’t know anything about natural cures, but whatever you are doing, keep doing it, I haven’t seen those positive results in the 20 years I have been treating you.”

Bill R.

“These are excellent products, and they’re helping me enormously! I’m doing the colon cleanse, and the difference in the way I feel now is like night and day. The Colon Regenerator™ is getting rid of all the old stuff, and I feel better than I have in a very long time.”

Robin E., MD

“The colon detox is working out pretty well for me!  I was on the Colon Corrective for 4 days before starting on the Regenerator. I did experience a little gas and  bloating at first, just like Jon Barron said I might, but it’s all been well worth it leading up to the results I’m already seeing. For years I’d wake up every day with a headache that sometimes would turn into migraines. I’m half way through the colon detox now, and my migraine headaches are gone!  Not only that, but I feel better and have a lot more energy.”

Linda W., PA

“The Colon Corrective is working really good for me. I’ve always had a problem in this area, especially now following back surgery. I’ve tried other products, but they’ve always produced unfavorable side effects. Not Colon Corrective!  The results are easy and natural, and I’m feeling better now that I’m using this product.”

Jean P., TX

“The last time I used your product was about 14 months ago prior to a colonoscopy. My doctor was really curious about what I did to make my colon so clean from beginning to end.”

Judy S. WI

“In June 2000, I received Gallbladder (Laparoscopic) surgery. Before surgery, I had been treated for inflammation with Cipro in an IV and then given Cipro 500 mg after dismissal from the hospital. The result was a reaction causing the ligaments in my legs to retract until I thought they were going to break. I finally refused to take any more.  I used Chiropractor and Massage therapy for the next year to get it stopped. I tried taking prescription med’s for 2 years until I figured out that any medication that I took created more pain or sickness. I then turned to searching the internet for an alternative. 

“It was three years before I found HSI and Jon Barron’s audio files [on the internet]. I started the 21 day flush in November 2003; and when it was completed, I started maintenance using Baseline [Nutritionals’] Proteolytic Enzymes. The healing process was harder for me than the flush.

“It is now the end of Jan 2004. WHAT A MIRACLE. It is hard to believe. I am 79, and I feel like I have regained 20 years. Lessons from the Miracle Doctors, I rate it just below my Bible. I thank GOD for Health Sciences Institute, Miracle Doctors, and Jon Barron.”

Henry W. OK

“A friend told me about these products, and I wanted to try the whole program. So I began first with the Colon Corrective. After using just one capsule I saw immediate results! This is very powerful!  It felt like a little toothbrush was scrubbing from the inside. Today is my third day using the Colon Corrective, and already I’m amazed at how much better I feel. Everything is better, and I can’t wait to start on the rest of the products.”

Lillian A., WA

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