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Blood Cleanse and Detox FAQ


Is it okay to continue to use the Blood Support after finishing the liver cleanse?  How often can I use it?

Yes. First, you should finish the bottle of Blood Support™ you started for liver and blood cleansing, even if it runs a couple of days longer than the detox itself. One bottle every six months is adequate for detoxing and basic maintenance. Taking one or two bottles to clean out the blood when sick is also reasonable. And one bottle a week for up to three weeks is acceptable in special circumstances. (Then take a couple of weeks off before repeating.) But this is not a nutritional support formula. You do not want to take this formula on a daily basis for weeks on end like a multivitamin.


Pertaining to the instructions, how much is a ‘dropper’ or ‘dropperful’?

One dropper equals 1 ml, as marked on the dropper.


I can’t use your tinctures because they have alcohol in them, what should I do?

You can eliminate most of the alcohol in the tinctures by adding the tincture dose to some warm water. As the water cools most of the alcohol will evaporate.


Should I take this supplement between meals or with food? Will it be more effective if taken on an empty stomach?

The tincture is not necessarily more effective on an empty stomach, but absorption into the bloodstream will be much faster if taken without food.

I would like to give Blood Support to my children. Should dosage be half that of an adult? They weigh around 75 to 85 pounds.

Jon Barron’s formulas are not designed for children, although some people have successfully used some of them with children. In general, the dosage recommended on the labels is for a 150 lb adult. When parents have used the formulas with children, they have adjusted accordingly. A 75 lb child gets a half dose. A 30 lb child gets a 1/5 dose. Etc. The bottom line is that before using any supplement with a child, check with your pediatrician.  As for Blood Support, note that this formula is very spicy.


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