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Date: 10/23/2006    Written by: Jon Barron

Radiation Therapy, What Comes After?



I went through radiation therapy for Optic Nerve Sheet Meningioma (ONSM) recently. What damage does that do? What would be the future caution and steps to take to minimize that damage?


Let's be absolutely clear here. Whatever benefits radiation therapy may have in terms of treating cancer (on whatever body part), it is profoundly damaging to the tissues, cells, and genetic structure of the human body -- not to mention, if nothing else, it is a known carcinogen.

You specifically asked about treating the eyes, so let's use that as an example. When used to treat the eyes, depending on the treatment volume and dose required, radiation therapy can result in injury to the lens, tear apparatus, retina, or optic nerve. It can cause cataracts and abnormal intraocular pressure.

Then again, when used to treat breast cancer, it results in an increased risk of subsequent cancers. When used to treat cancer of the gonads (either sex), you get an increased risk of abnormal development of secondary sexual characteristics.

Bottom line: radiation therapy is bad for the body, and you need to take proactive steps to mitigate the resulting damage. Check with your doctor first, but find out if it makes sense for you to:

- Do regular intestinal detoxes with formulas that contain apple pectin, since apple pectin draws radioactive material out of the body.

- Use blood cleanse formulas that contain chapparal. NDGA, the active biochemical in chaparral has been shown in studies to be protective after exposure to radiation.

- Use a good full spectrum antioxidant formula to repair the extensive free radical damage caused by exposure to radiation.

- Use a good L-carnosine based formula to repair damage to proteins and organs in the body.

- And specifically, for the eyes, you should begin using carnosine eyedrops (in the form of N-acetyl-carnosine) to protect against cataracts.

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    Submitted by Mr. Lasse on
    March 18, 2011 - 2:00pm


    I have some additional information about the technical side of things. I have a Master in Astrophysics and that includes NuclearPhysics aswell. The question is also about the future and there is a recent development here and possible many more to follow. The new equipment will have a much better degree of accuracy, meaning that you can select more precisely what tissue to radiate at. This has obvious advantages. In addition to that, our understanding of particlephysics opens up possibilities of treatment of tissue otherwise unreachable or too dangerous to treat, as often seen in brain-cancers for example. On top of that, new insights have opened up for deep treatments. Normally all the tissue in the particle/radiation direction is affected and the damage done gradually decreases, as you go deeper as the particles disperse their energy. But with new scientific insights and coming technology, it will be possible to design what layers of tissue to damage, leaving all other layers almost intact. One could direct the radiation at a 5-6 cm depth and nowhere else for example. It will also be possible to treat with much harder radiation, meaning quicker and more potent treatments, with less visits to the doctors. The picture emerging is starting to look like radiation in the future can be used much like surgery (without the knives and even without opening the body at all) and less like the "wildfire" or "shrapnel therapy" we know today. In my eyes its very promising.

    Having contributed with this, I am not going into any of the considerations about the use of radiation in disease treatment in general. Not here. Wether you like or dislike radiation therapy, you should hopefully find the information above useful. And let us hope none of us ever get the cancer at all! :-)

    Submitted by Mr. Lasse on
    April 10, 2011 - 1:29pm

    The missing links...

    I touched it only superficially above, but the future in this field mgiht well be "particle therapy" instead of "radiation theraoy", due to new insights in the field of particle physics. I am not going in to the details here, except I can tell its about anti-matter and its an experiment carried put at CERN in Switzerland. That should leave all Dan Brown fans excited I guess? lol

    I have provided the links below (if it is allowed here?)

    But apart from the exciting subject of particle physics, as a health-conscious person you should of course be more concerned if it has health promoting or life saving possibilites at all. It is to be used where surgery cannot be carried out and it would apparently be a better treatment than radiation therapy is and can be. And as above...let's hope none of us ever get to a stage, where it will be nescessary at all! Ok bye..

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