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Obesity is Virally Contagious


A recent three-decade long study published in the New England Journal of Medicine has reported that the risk of obesity increases the more obese your family and friends are. The word contagious was even used. The bottom line is that overweight people tend to hang out with other overweight people. If your spouse becomes obese your chances of weight gain increase by 37%, but if your friends become obese your chances of doing the same increase by an astounding 171%. In other words, as the philosophers say, “Environment is stronger than will.”

As it turns out, this study dovetails nicely with a study released last year that found mounting evidence suggesting that obesity is contagious (literally) and may be partially caused by a human pathogen called adenovirus Ad-37, which causes obesity in chickens.

Given the above two studies, we seem to be left with one of two choices:

  1. Avoid all contact with overweight people, both physical and social – so as to avoid viral contamination and the possibility of being “influenced” to obesity by our friends.
  2. Follow the Baseline of Health® Program and get our family and friends to do the same.

The first option isn’t really that appealing to me, and besides, who wants to wear a bio-hazard mask 24/7?

Which leaves us with option number 2 – the Baseline of Health® Program.

If obesity really is virally contagious, it’s also equally obvious that not everyone is susceptible. Some people can resist it. The Baseline of Health® Program, then, offers you the best possible odds to be in the non-susceptible demographic as it both optimizes your immune system and directly attacks invading pathogens.

As for family and friends, the philosophers actually nailed it when they said that for most people, environment is stronger than will. (That’s one of the prime reasons that our annual worldwide group liver detox has had such phenomenal success.) By being a force for positive change, you can potentially transform your family and friends lives with your example. The potential for affirmative results from this labor of love may be all that is needed for some of us to start improving our health. We are strange animals after all; what we will not do for just ourselves, we sometimes will do for the support and benefit of our loved ones.

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