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Date: 12/13/2006    Written by: Jon Barron

The Many Causes Of Impotence


There are many causes of impotence, including: Vascular disease, Diabetes, Diseases of the nervous system, Cancer Surgery, Medications, Smoking, Alcoholism, and Hormone imbalance.

But of all these reasons, vascular disease and diabetes account for over half of all problems. Hardening of the arteries can affect the artery leading to the penis so that it cannot dilate enough to deliver all the blood necessary for an erection. Impotence can also occur if the nerves that control blood flow to the penis are damaged, which can happen with diabetes.

It's important to understand that medications such as Viagra don't actually get rid of the problem; they just find a way to bypass it. How is that done?

1. When aroused, your brain sends a signal down a nerve fiber that ends in a special cell locate in an artery near the base of the penis.

2. The special nerve cell produces nitric oxide and injects it into the bloodstream.

3. The nitric oxide stimulates an enzyme called guanylate cyclase that produces a chemical called cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP).

4. cGMP tells smooth muscles that line the arteries leading to the penis to relax. When they relax, blood flow increases causing an erection. This mechanism is a simple little chemical machine, and the brain uses it to increase blood flow in several different parts of the body including the penis.

5. Your body uses another enzyme called phosphodiesterase (PDE) to deactivate the cGMP and cause the erection to go away.

Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra, etc. are phosphodiesterase inhibitors. They work on Step 5. They eliminate the PDE that decomposes cGMP, so cGMP builds up in the penis and has a larger effect on the artery walls. The greater the amount of cGMP the greater the blood flow, and the greater the blood flow the greater the degree of the erection.

They don't clean out your cardiovascular system. They don't repair the damage caused by diabetes. They don't increase nitric oxide levels. They don't increase testosterone levels. All they do is chemically intervene in a normal biological process to force it to perform "around" its compromised ability.

For men who have no other option, they can be effective. The problem with using them is twofold. (1) For a small percentage of men there are side effects. (2) They don't take care of the underlying problem. They just allow you to forget you have it -- for a short period of time. Eventually, you will succumb to the problem.

Far better to use a program like the Baseline of Health®to clean out your arterial system, stop and reverse the damage caused by diabetes, and re-optimize your hormonal levels to eliminate the problem and have natural erections -- and a long healthy life.

* Read Lessons from the Miracle Doctors to take care of the underlying problems. You can download a free copy at:

* Check out the information on proteolytic enzymes, which can help reduce arterial inflammation and clean out plaque build-up.

* Read about how you can control your body's glycemic response and begin to repair the damage causes by diabetes.

* Optimize hormonal levels for maximum performance.

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    Submitted by Guest on
    May 4, 2012 - 2:59am

    A couple of suggestions. Erection problems can be mainly physical, mainly psychological, or a mambo combo. You say that you are unable to maintain an erection during intercourse.  Some men have problems keeping erections at the beginning of a relationship. Then, after they become more comfortable with their new partners, their erections become more reliable. Pay attention to your erection patterns to help you decide if you need to see a urologist or a sex therapist. If you have erections when you wake up or through masturbation, but not with a partner, that's important information that says your body is working correctly, physically. For the time being, why not receive pleasure and not worry about erections? These kinds of difficulties are common and transient. You can view them as part of life rather than as problems. Or, if it is a problem for you, sex therapy may make a difference You could be experiencing "desensitization" from your masturbation, or "performance anxiety" due to your lack of actual experience with a partner. To overcome either of these the most effective "technique" is for you and your partner to: 1. Go into your bedroom and get as comfortable as possible. You both need to be very relaxed (not via alcohol, or drugs). Try soft lights, soft music. Remove your clothing and continue to relax together. 2. Slowly begin to lovingly touch each other with NO goal to engage in sex. As your level of excitement rises relax and enjoy the feelings. Again you are NOT going to have sex (tonight), only pleasure. 3. If you feel yourself nearing "the point of no return" back off, and/or have your wife apply the Semans procedure, aka "squeeze", "pinch" procedure. A firm (not painful) "pinch" to the head of your penis. Then when you are able continue "pleasuring" each other. This will allow you to experience having erections for longer and longer periods. 

    Submitted by Guest on
    June 20, 2012 - 1:09am

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