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Date: 06/20/2007    Written by: Jon Barron

Diabetes, The Twisted Road

Two new studies just released on diabetes should serve as a wake up call to the powers that be; but of course, that won't happen.

The National Changing Diabetes Program (NCDP) study was released today at a briefing of the Congressional Diabetes Caucus. The study concluded that:

  • One out of every eight U.S. federal health care dollars is spent treating people with diabetes. (Not bad for a disease that was considered a rarity 30 years ago.)
  • It costs $80 billion dollars more to provide medical care for people with diabetes than without.

And that was based on 2005 data. As we know, the incidence of diabetes is increasing yearly and the costs along with it – all over the world.

The study's recommended solution? We need a National Diabetes Coordinator. They might as well have called for another study. At least they didn't call for a Diabetes Czar!

The second study, published online in the Annals of Internal Medicine, found that despite all the great advances in medicine we've made, and all the miracles we see doctors perform on dramatic TV shows, female diabetics are dying at higher rates than they were three decades ago. Men lower by 43%; women higher by 41%.

So what does it all mean?

  • No healthcare program in the world can cover the every spiraling cost of keeping people well if they insist on making themselves sick. Type 2 diabetes is 90% a self-inflicted disease – the result of bad diet and lifestyle choices. We're talking $80 billion and soaring in unnecessary health dollars because people made bad choices. And that's just diabetes…and just in the US.
  • Men may be living longer and women dying sooner, but overall the cost of care goes up for people with self-inflicted diseases. As I mentioned, we haven't talked about heart disease or cancer, or deaths from prescription medication or physician error – none of which would occur if people didn't have to go to their doctors for a self-inflicted illness.
  • Diabetes is not a one trick pony. So far, at least, it doesn't respond to a single magic bullet drug. Because of its echoing nature, diabetes needs to be addressed on several fronts at once if you want to not just control it, but get rid of it. The medical community has no answer to this fundamental problem. The alternative health community does.

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    Submitted by Jon Barron on
    July 13, 2007 - 12:02am

    If you're looking for information on diabetes, I suggest you check out the link cited above: /diabetes/health-program-blood-sugar-levels

    Submitted by luciana on
    June 13, 2009 - 11:38pm

    have had diabetes for 5 years. It is harder to manege now. I check my sugar once a day because this is permitted by our Italian publiv health service and I have not enough money to pay more: I have been paying yhr national service for all my life.
    Is there anything I can do to keep my sugar better controlled?
    I have tyep 2 diabetes. My pancress still works a litle. What kind of diet should I be on. Is ther vitamins and herbs I can take to help. expecially how much a day? at what time? I always try to eat very few starches and a lot of raw vegetables, a little quantity of fat
    Is there someone who can help me?
    Thank You.

    Submitted by Michelle on
    July 12, 2007 - 9:43pm

    Can you tell me where I can get more info on this? My father has diabetes and I am looking for as much info as possible, especially since I will end up with a good chance of getting it, even though I think Im eating right, but after reading maybe I need the info just as much. Thanks so much.

    Submitted by Robert C Simmons on
    October 6, 2009 - 5:48pm

    I tried Syntra-5 for 60 days, it had no results, how is your product different and will it work? please let me know! I use 40 units of insulin twice a day.

    Submitted by sandra on
    May 24, 2010 - 4:21am

    i have had diabeteas for 5 yrs and find it very hard to controll my sugar level can some one help me and let me know what i am suppose to be eating you hear all sorts of stories how you can eat what you like but small portions and other say live on veg and salad please someone help me know what i can and cant eat. today i have eaten well but had an ice lolly and guess what my sugar level is 20.4

    Submitted by shirley lu on
    August 21, 2009 - 9:24am

    Hi, I have type 2 diabetes for 15yrs. My latest A1C was 7.3% and the most
    time was on above 7%. Recently I got some symptoms of diabetic nerve pain, and the neuroloigst told that I have peripheral neuropathy. He ask
    me to controll blood sugar seriously. My question is do I need control the
    A1c under 6.5% per each test? I took the medicine over 15yrs, do I have to
    take your product for help? If my A1c goind down after your herbs do I still
    take them in the future? (How long I can stop them?) Thanks.

    Submitted by velma on
    September 28, 2009 - 10:23am

    Hi, type 2 diabetes for 9 yrs. for the first 4 yrs. just diet and exercise.It has become very stressful trying to gain all the info i can and there is so much out there, what is real. i am 58 and on my 3ed Dr. who give a pill for every thing. Right now every thing seem to be ok, my pancreas, kidney,and so on, but having a hard time with blood sugar #s and A1C, meds. pain my stomach, so she kept changing them, i take actos 30mg and glyburide 5mg i am so tired of the meds. there or others also. can you help please. THANKS

    Submitted by Vera Joan Holifield on
    November 23, 2008 - 7:57pm

    I have had diabetes for 35 years. It is harder to manege now. I check my sugar 7 times a day. Is thee anything I can do to keep my sugar better controlled?
    I have tyep 2 diabetes. My pancress still works a litle. What kind of diet should I be on. Is ther vitamins and herbs I can take to help.
    Thank You.
    vera Joan holifield

    Submitted by Walter on
    November 29, 2008 - 11:02am

    Jon, I am a diabetic of 56 years standing so have a vast knowledge of this cursed complaint. My daughter a regular Diabetic Dietitian says I am the best Diabetic she has seen that has been taking Insulin for as long as I have. Now some advice for newly diagnosed Diabetics especially young children. BEWARE of the Insulin the doctors call Human Insulin. My advice is to avoid it like the plague. Try these Alternative treatments first and if you still need Insulin ask for BOVINE (Beef) Insulin. Of course you will not be able to get it unless you import it yourself. I cannot go into details in this short space but if you Jon would like to come back to me I can give you a couple of good contacts. The stories they can tell will amaze you and disgust you what the Medical Authorities are up to with insulin. The drug stories pale into insignificance compared to Human Insulin. Cheers, Walter, [email protected]

    Submitted by Walter on
    January 3, 2011 - 5:07pm

    Regarding my e-mail no 4 dated November 29th 2008. I read these emails and most of them are complaining about irregular sugar levels. This is exactly what happened to me when the medics took me off Bovine Insulin and put me onto Human Insulins. Holy hell let loose with me becoming so depressed very close to suicide. Muscle and joint pains etc I had them. Fluctuating sugars from 2.0 up to 28.0 over a day. Immediately starting back on Bovine Insulin my sugars improved so much the aches and pains subsided and best of all I regained the will to live again. I even take a lot less insulin than I ever did on Human Insulin. I realise that Insulin is not the answer but Bovine Insulin is certainly the best by far if you do need it. Banting and Best found that in the 1920s when they discovered it after using all types of animal insulins on their dogs even dog insulin was not as good. Contact me and I will be able to give you two websites that will give you the whole story of insulin. I don’t have to lie this is my personal experience and there is nothing in it but your better welfare. These pharmaceutical companies wrecked my life completely but through research and a lot of hard work I am a lot better than I have ever been. You can improve your situation.

    Submitted by Tessa on
    January 23, 2011 - 11:02pm

    Walter, could you please email me the websites you mentioned in your email on Dr. Barrons website. I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes 2 years ago @ the age of 48. I have read very little about insulin. Most articles are for type 2 diabetics. Thank you.


    Submitted by John on
    June 21, 2011 - 9:54pm

    Hi Walter

    Just wondering where you obtained Bovine Insulin. I to have been on Human Insulin for years now and it has wrecked havoc on my being able to control my bloodsugars. I was told by my Doctor that Bovine Insulin was not available here in the US. However i did find companies in Canada that i could obtain it from, but my Doctor said that our FDA made it very hard on Doctors here in the US to write a prescription to obtain pharmaceuticals from another country. Any information you can give me would be greatly appreciated.


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