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Cloned Meat and Dairy, Endorsed


The FDA recently announced that their endorsement of meat and milk from cloned animals. Relax.

* First of all, there’s going to be over a year of public debate before any products can be sold.

* Second, you’re probably never going to get any meat or milk from cloned animals. They’e too expensive. Instead, they will be used for breeding. (You might get some in hamburger and sausage when a cloned animal reaches the end of its lifespan and is rendered.)

* There’s no indication that meat and milk from cloned animals, or their descendants, is any different than regular such products.

HOWEVER, that said, keep in mind that although it may be no different, it’s also no better. Organic farmers are unlikely to use cloned animals. That means they will almost exclusively be the province of large commercial growers. That said:

  • Antibiotic laced meat and dairy from cloned animals is quite likely
  • As is growth hormone laced products
  • If you escape that, you’re virtually guaranteed that such animals will be raised on unnatural diets that change the fundamental quality of the end product — such as grain fattened cattle in which the balance of Omega-6 to Omega-3 fatty acids gets wildly skewed toward an unhealthy Omega-6 balance. Or chickens fed on ground up chickens that were too cancerous to be sold as meat. (That’s right. If a chicken is too diseased to be sold, it’s often killed and fed to the other chickens. No waste; no worry!
  • Not to mention the fundamental problems with dairy in general and with excessive meat consumption.

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