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Cancer Addendum


Is there a role for medical treatments? Absolutely. You just have to be selective. Surgery for most early skin cancer makes sense. Radiation for slow growing prostate cancer in elderly men may make sense. On the other hand, chemotherapy for advanced lung cancer is hard to justify. The bottom line is not to be railroaded into anything. Don’t be intimidated by doctors just because they are doctors. Make sure you research the efficacy of the treatment your doctor is recommending. If you don’t like the odds or the side effects, you may want to pursue alternatives.

The Alternatives

Do everything. Do it all at once. Do it intensively. And repeat it. And once you have the cancer on the run, keep doing it until there is no sign of cancer for at least 6 months. By everything, what do I mean?

  • The Baseline of Health® Program is specifically designed to clean out and nourish virtually every major system in your body. It is by no means a cancer treatment. It is merely a system for optimizing the health of all the major systems in your body. And it is for that reason that it serves as the core of any program you use to deal with cancer. It also does a major job of rebuilding and optimizing your immune system. Make sure you do every piece of the program — not just the convenient parts. The liver cleanse and detox is crucial since the liver plays such a key role in defending against cancer. And don’t forget things like taking the flax seed, and the mental exercises, and physical exercise. These are all key elements of the program.
  • In addition to an echinacea based immune enhancing formula and a garlic based pathogen destroying formula, it would make sense to look at incorporating other immune boosters such as BRM4, AHCC, and Alkyglycerol (aka squalane shark liver oil). (
  • The Budwig Diet. It’s one of the few situations where consumption of limited dairy makes sense. It’s the combination of dairy and flaxseed oil that seems to work best. Make sure you use organic cottage cheese. And for the best flaxseed oil use only high-lignan, organic, cold-pressed flax seed oil extracted using the Omegaflo® process. For info on the diet, go to:
    Note: there is some controversy as to whether or not flax seed oil is beneficial or harmful when dealing with prostate cancer. If this is a concern for you, you may opt for ground flax seed, or fish oil as an alternative.
  • Stabilized Rice Bran contains over 70 antioxidants. You want 12 tablespoons a day. It is now available from many sources on the internet and in health food stores.
  • Make sure you’re taking a minimum of a double dose of a full spectrum antioxidant each day, a double dose of a good probiotic a day, a double dose of an acemannan and a beta glucan formula each day, a double dose of red raspberry seed extract each day, and a bottle of a red clover based blood cleansing formula a week to keep your body’s defenses on maximum alert. Add to that:
    • Curcumin complex (Three 900 mg capsules a day with food)
    • Green tea extract (Five to Seven 350 mg 95% capsules a day)
    • Both of the above can be found at
  • Graviola has shown great promise in lab studies and anecdotally with people. 
  • Be sure and check out Poly MVA (, which is showing great promise in stopping, and even reversing, the progress of the disease. Again, it seems better at dealing with the manifestation of the disease rather than its cause.
  • Calcium D-Glucarate is a substance that naturally occurs in the human body and that seems to play a key role in preventing and even reversing cancer.

The following are natural treatments that you might want to check out. They are powerful, but are difficult to get, expensive, or may require a health practitioner to administer

    • Ukrain: This is expensive, but the results have been dramatic..
    • Ozone Therapy: This therapy has been shown to be effective in burning cancers out of the body. It’s usually administered using rectal insufflation. Unfortunately, the machines are not inexpensive — costing about $2,200.


  • Rife Technology: There are several machines that have expanded upon the work that Royal Rife initiated. The basic premise of his work is that cancers can be eliminated by frequencies tuned to the individual electromagnetic signature of that particular disease. The medical establishment and self-appointed quack busters really dislike these machines which cost close to $2,000. Nevertheless, some of them do work. Not as consistently, as some proponents would have you believe (because they only address the manifestation of the cancer, not its cause), but some do work, and can be a powerful addition to any cancer therapy.
  • Energy Balancing: There are many techniques for energy balancing. Some work. Many don’t. Unfortunately, this is one of the areas where nonsensical, useless approaches are abundant. Also, it is an area that is very fluid — constantly changing. The most interesting work is now being done with Scalar Energy chambers and Scalar Enhanced products. For information on the nearest Scalar Wave Nutrichamber, call 303.554.1574.

Is this a Cure for Cancer?

Let’s be clear right off, anyone who says they have a cure for cancer is lying. I make this statement, not just to make the FDA happy, but because it is a simple impossibility — even within the medical community.

First of all, not everyone gets well — no matter what program they use. That’s the nature of life. Sometimes it’s simply because there are so many variables. For example, if your house is concentrating radon gas seeping up from the ground below, and you never checked for it and didn’t know; why then, you could be doing any program in the world (from chemo to carnivora) and your odds of overcoming lung cancer would be significantly lessened. Then again, if you live in the middle of farm country and are continually exposed to pesticides, that too lessens your odds, no matter what you do. Or what if you had lived in Love Canal and were exposed to dioxin, or were one or Erin Brockovich’s client’s unknowingly exposed to Chromium 6 in your water; you were in trouble no matter what health program you went on. Sometimes you just don’t know. But even in those cases, your odds are still SIGNIFICANTLY better on a program designed to detoxify (remove those very toxins) from your body than on a program that adds more toxins to it. Also, it’s important to remember that every single day of your life your body produces anywhere from a few hundred to as many as 10,000 cancerous cells as part of its normal metabolic processes. That means no one, by definition, can be cancer free, ever. The only question is: can your body deal with those cells and prevent them from taking root and multiplying. That’s it, pure and simple.

Any program that reinforces your body in that agenda is good and will improve your odds dramatically. Any program that undermines it, is “questionable.”

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