Jon, thanks to you and your co-workers for all the usefull information you share with us in your free newsletters. Your profound knowledge about health is combined with up-to-date-research and presented in a way that is pleasant to read. You make complicated things easy to understand.

Ute, Physician, M.D.

Jon Barron's work has to be the most exciting and ground breaking contribution to knowledge in the history of the fight against human illness and the suffering it brings.

Dr. Leonard Marinovich, M.D.

As a Radio Talk Show Host for more than ten years, I have read and interviewed many so-called experts in the Alternative Health Industry. No person has ever impressed me with their knowledge and expertise the way Jon Barron has. If you have any shot at healing a catastrophic illness, slowing the aging process, or just becoming healthy and vital again, this is it. Jon Barron, Yeah!!!

Dr. Rain Morgan, M.D.

"Brilliant information. My ultimate 'trusted' source for health/medical information."

M. Petrini, M.D.

The Baseline Detox program was actually easier than I thought it would be, and I must say the results are super. Here are some results: I lost eight pounds. Blood sugar was always in the normal range. This afternoon it was 72. Blood pressure dropped to 110/70. I have an outstanding sense of smell. My appetite has reduced (I'll try to stay good). I also was able to focus at work easier, and my ability to meditate and pray was easier as I wasn't agitated. In the beginning on the liver detox I experienced mood swings, but then I was calmer. The morning garlic drink was not bad -- tasted like an Orange Julius. At first the tinctures tasted bad, but with organic vegetable juice, it tasted more like a Snappy Tom. This is the best way to start the New Year, and dare I say it, I am looking forward to the next one.

Art P., M.D.

'Lessons From The Miracle Doctors' is quite simply the best book ever written on alternative health.

Aris Awitan, MD, M.D.

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