I'm so thankful for Jon Barron making all the information and podcasts free of charge. Quality information is so hard to find and it's changed my life. It motivates me and keeps my head in the game. I am thankful to people who do this for the better health of their community.

Chrissy McKemy

My general "healthiness" has improved dramatically since I began reading and paying attention to the information gained from your website. I now eat properly, exercise regularly, am about 50 pounds lighter and no longer addicted to sugar. At 62, I have enrolled in college to get a business degree and am looking forward to another good 60 years.

Russell Putnam

It is a shame that the FDA, CDC, and the NIH haven't got the balls to stand up against these Pharmaceutical companies, and demand more studies on the side effects of chemicals injected into our bodies. Pharmaceuticals cause over 100,000 deaths yearly from miss prescribed or overdosed in hospitals. They are dangerous and vaccines have no good use in our bodies, as they are just dangerous chemicals with to many side effects, that are hazardous to the immune system and basic health of the patients. Jon Barron, your efforts in bringing the proper information to the public has changed my eating habits and life style, and I want to thank you for putting it like it is in the real world. It's to bad our gov. agencies don't understand the dangers of chemical additives in the food supply, that are creating so much sickness in the population and ban these chemical poisons to the human body. Nature provides us with everything we need to live a healthy and long life, with out chemical intrusions.

Mel Smith

I simply want to commend Jon Barron for his excellent articles involving physiology and nutrition. The articles on the digestive system were outstanding! Keep 'em coming, Jon, and thanks.

Jim Cooney

I trust Jon Barron's advice over any salesman's. He honestly wants to help people. In our world today there is so much information it is hard to know what you should take, do, who to follow, or trust. A real battlezone unfortunately for the all mighty dollar. If we put that time, energy, effort, and money into helping the world get healthy we would see amazing results. I took almost 15 years researching through a maze of traditional and alternative health before I found Jon Barron. His knowledge is outstanding, his products are superb, and he even offers his book free for those who can't afford it. He is not afraid of stepping on anyones toes to get to the truth, just what the world needs more of! I depend on the miracle doctor to help me to the truth. Thank you Jon Barron, keep up the incredible work!

Jenn Wells

Great stuff! It's interesting that there are newsletters with paid subscriptions that don't provide nearly the breadth or depth of information that you do. Another value item.

Dr. William Murray

Founded on 'Lessons from the Miracle Doctors,' JonBarron.org is a wonderful site. First, the book - the most concise, complete book on personal health and wellness I have found. I have distributed at least 50 hard, soft, and online copies to my friends. I could go on and on and on about your fine organization. Suffice it to say, I feel I owe my health to Jon Barron and Baseline. The newsletters, the book, the answers to questions I have asked for years - thanks so much for responding EVERY TIME. May the universe bestow unlimited blessings upon you, your family, your company and employees, and your path to enlightening those seeking health.

Samuel J. Weisgal

I used to be the Marketing Director for a company out of Pennsylvania, which had the highest quality nutritional and health educational products in the world. They went out of business years ago so I went looking for another company that could replace them - a company I felt produces the highest quality products, both supplemental and educational, and without question, BaselineNutritionals.com and JonBarron.org together are that company.

Samuel J. Weisgal

I LOVE YOU. I found you on the cancer tutorial, and have burned more than one ink cartridge to give your book to friends in need. I WISH YOU HAPPINESS ALWAYS in whatever you do, because you provide. I tried to announce you with a megaphone on amazon, but no reviews can be made unless you've purchased a book from them. Please know you cannot fathom the gratitude that I and some of the people I have given your book (compliments of you),it is immeasurable.

Jennifer Clark

This is a miracle!! I would not be alive today without the Baseline of Health.

Howard Ritter

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