Dr. Ameen, Naturopathy Physician

I am Dr Ameen, a Naturopath, practicing in Malaysia since last 13 years. I am writing this long due email to express my immense gratitude for the knowledge and experience you shared through your book ” Lessons from Miracle Doctors”. In last 5 years, I have started applying the principles and foundation you laid in your great work and results are nothing but amazing. My whole practice and life have transformed and I managed to save so many lives by just always going back to your book and look for solutions. I have read your book at least 20 times and I know I will read hundred times and still find new things to learn. The results and efficacy of Baseline of health is so immense yet very simple. I have recommended your work to so many of my friends and colleagues and all have great things to say about your book and spread heath and healing effectively to the community.

Thank you all so much for being instrumental in influencing practices and protecting many lives! I am so immensely grateful to you Dr Jon!

You are the best.

God Bless!

Dr Ameen

Director (Naturopathy Physician)

Holistic Ayurose Sdn Bhd


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