• Hormone Therapy for Prostate Cancer | Health Blog
    Men with prostate cancer who are treated with hormone therapy face a greater chance of suffering from depression than those who receive other forms of treatment.
  • Natural Remedies Endometriosis | Natural Health Blog
    The risk of heart disease for women diagnosed with endometriosis is especially magnified in those women who are 40 or under.
  • Light Drinking Linked to Cancer | Health Blog
    Breast cancer risk is higher in women who are considered light to moderate users of alcohol than it is in their peers who abstain from drinking.
  • Postpartum Depression Months After Birth | Parenting Blog
    New research has found that the symptoms of postpartum depression may not appear in many women until their baby is several months old, or even approaching his or her first birthday.
  • Birth Control Causes Brain Tumors | Health Blog
    Taking hormonal contraceptives is associated with a higher chance of developing a glioma, a rare type of brain tumor that can form in the supportive glial tissue of the brain
  • Early Puberty Brings on Depression -- Mental Health Blog
    Children who have an early onset of puberty are more likely to experience depression and a host of related problems during their teen years.
  • sarsaparilla plant
    While it may often be referenced in westerns as a "sissy drink," real sarsaparilla is indeed a valuable herb with many uses, and has likely been used for thousands of years by indigenous tribes of South America.
  • 12/5/2013
    New research has found that the use of oral contraceptives may raise the risk of developing glaucoma as a woman ages.
  • 9/24/2013
    Dips in estrogen may have a major influence on the weight men often put on in middle age, very similar to the effect they are known to have on women's bodies.
  • women's health issues
    Research has discovered a drug-free way to reduce some of the symptoms of menopause and improve the sex lives of these postmenopausal women significantly.
  • Children's health
    According to pediatric dermatologists, acne has begun to strike younger and younger kids. It is appearing in some cases in children who are only 7 or 8 years old.
  • Balding men
    New research suggests that a man who is losing his hair appears to have a substantially greater risk of having a heart attack…and where that balding is taking place affects the degree of risk.
  • Health benefits of iron from vegetables like beets.
    A study suggests that good sources of certain types of iron in the diet may be very effective in reducing the risk of developing PMS.
  • self-hypnotism-post-menopause-symptoms
    New research has found that self hypnosis may be an effective tool for ridding women of hot flashes and night sweats.
  • 10/25/2012
    Is hormone replacement therapy safe? New research on HRT and whether it increases the risk of numerous diseases is all over the map and downright contradictory.
  • Dangers of soy products
      The benefits of soy products are often over publicized and over stated. Meanwhile, soy protein dangers are nowhere near as pronounced as many of its detractors claim. On a good-bad scale, they probably come in at a 35:65 ratio, with the 65 lined up on the negative side.
  • 7/31/2012
    Hormones are the body's chemical messenger system. They tell the various cells of the body what to do -- and when -- by attaching to specific receptor sites on individual cells. Problems occur when the various hormones get out of balance. Find out how to balance your hormones.
  • 7/3/2012
    If you've ever spent time around elderly people, you might have noticed a certain smell.  You are not imagining that smell. New research actually confirms the strange fact that senior citizens of a certain age have a different smell.
  • Natural Hair Loss Remedies | Natural Health Blog
    Scientists have discovered that men with male pattern baldness have a much greater quantity of prostaglandin D2 protein on their scalps, which may be a problem for women too.
  • 2/21/2012
    Brown fat is body fat that burns energy, as opposed to the more typical white fat, which just stores the calories we have consumed. Scientists have discovered a hormone that appears to alter white fat, making it behave similarly to brown fat and increase the amount of energy we burn.
  • 1/30/2012
    Research published in BMJ Open last November, strongly suggests that there may be a link between synthetic estrogen from oral contraceptives that has found its way into the environment and the rising rate of prostate cancer among men around the world.
  • 1/10/2012
    New studies on BPA have found that it may be particularly detrimental for pregnant women because it can adversely affect the growing fetus. The research indicates that exposure to BPA in the womb could result in behavioral issues during the preschool years.
  • 11/14/2011
    A recent obesity study out of Australia has concluded that when people lose weight, their metabolism automatically slows down and they experience hormonal changes that increase appetite.
  • 11/10/2011
    A new study on bisphenol A (BPA)  has "surprisingly" found that after we have eaten foods containing BPA, it is undetectable in blood samples even when it is present in large amounts in urine samples.
  • 10/18/2011
    Between the ages of 20-29, testosterone levels drop for all men. Men without children have a 12 to 15 percent decrease in testosterone, while men with a baby between one month and a year old have a 30 percent decrease. Those with infants younger than one month old experience the greatest decline, with levels four to five times lower than men with no children and twice as low as fathers of older children.
  • 9/20/2011
    A British study found a significant relationship between height and cancer. The study, conducted by Oxford University, found that for every additional four inches of height over 5'1", the risk of cancer increased by 16 percent.
  • 7/11/2011
    Why is it that in the world of "scientific" medicine, deeply ingrained beliefs (e.g. flu shots, statin drugs, antidepressants, hormone replacement therapy, fluoridated water, and amalgam fillings) are seemingly beyond challenge -- no matter how much evidence you present to the contrary?
  • 5/24/2011
    According to a study published in Pediatrics in 2010, 15 percent of American girls now reach puberty by age seven.Among black girls, the rate is at least 25 percent at that age. And the thing is, the average age of onset seems to be headed downward, at least for white and Latina girls. While the age of menstruation hasn't declined as rapidly as the age of breast development, it nevertheless has dropped steadily. Currently, the average girl starts menstruating at 12.4 years. In the middle of the 19th century, in contrast, the age of onset was typically more like 16 or 17, and it was 14.6 by 1950. Since then, it had dropped an astonishing few months every decade.
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