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  • Oral Bacteria and Esophageal Cancer | Natural Health Blog
    Tooth decay concerns? The latest research shows that gum disease appears to increase the chance of an esophageal cancer diagnosis.
  • 11/3/2017
    Check your toothpaste!  A study found that triclosan, a dangerous additive to certain toothpastes, remains on toothbrush bristles, accumulating over time, releasing unsafe levels of the chemical with each brushing.
  • Gum Disease Increases Cancer Risk | Health Blog
    New research suggests that inflammation in your mouth can increase the likelihood of a cancer diagnosis.
  • Fast Food Consumed by All Income Levels | Health Blog
    There is a perception that because it’s inexpensive, fast food is mainly consumed by lower income people. However, that may not be the case...
  • Fear of the Dentist Affects Quality of Life | Health Blog
    According to new research, your fear of the dentist might affect other aspects of your life.
  • Mouth Bacteria Linked to Pancreatic Cancer | Natural Health Blog
    The presence of two specific bacteria in the mouth may indicate an elevated risk of developing pancreatic cancer over time.
  • Sports Drinks Leading to Tooth Decay
    Tooth decay and gum disease are surprisingly common among top athletes and, at times, can be so detrimental that they can't play to their potential.
  • natural health remedies for oral health
    Research has found that those with dental health issues are at higher risk for developing an oral infection with the human papilloma virus (HPV) and subsequent oral cancer.
  • Natural Health Remedies for Teeth Whitening
    Dentist-supervised in-office whitening procedures constitute the top rung of the whitening methods. Having your dentist do the whitening for you provides certain advantages.
  • Whitening toothpastes and remedies
    The other problem with whitening toothpastes (in addition to the fact that it seems they don’t work as well as promised), is that they tend to contain harsher abrasives than regular toothpastes.
  • 6/5/2013
    Jon Barron is discussing natural dental health, the effects of energy drinks, root canals and plaque in this latest video. Learn about natural health remedies for dental care from the Baseline of Health founder himself.
  • Tooth Decay Symptoms
    Tomorrow is National Toothache Day. While that may not seem like much of a thing to celebrate, maybe it is truly more about taking care of our teeth to ensure we don't end up with a nasty toothache.
  • 11/27/2012
    According to new research, parents transmit their anxiety levels and fear over dentist visits to their children, unwittingly passing down and instilling this same fear in them.
  • 10/23/2012
    Those people who retain their full ability for chewing food as they reach their golden years are more likely to retain their cognitive functions as well, according to new research out of the Aging Research Center of the Karolinska Institutet and Karlstad University in Sweden.
  • human jaw with healthy teeth
    More research is proving that dental health is an integral part of a healthy body. Understanding how fluoride, mercury fillings, and root canals affect your health is a key element.  The best information on dental health can be found in Jon Barron's book, under the chapter “Your Mouth is Killing You.”  If you have already read that chapter, enjoy some of the supplemental articles below.   Learn how to reduce plaque through proteolytic enzymes, avoid toxins, reverse periodontal disease, rebuild bone tissue, and use supplements to build healthy teeth:
  • 5/15/2012
    By wearing away your tooth enamel over time (and we're not talking about sugar here), a new study suggests that sports and energy drinks may increase your risk of developing cavities and other dental problems.
  • 4/26/2012
    The American Heart Association issued a statement saying that gum disease doesn't necessarily lead to heart problems. A study out of Taiwan, on the other hand, found that older adults cut their risk of heart attack and stroke dramatically by getting regular dental cleanings.
  • 4/14/2012
    A new study has found that there's a strong link between certain types of dental x-rays and a type of brain tumor called meningioma.
  • 4/4/2011
    Given what we now know about oil pulling, it might be better to refer to it by its less common name, oil swishing, since there probably is no "pulling" of toxins from the body involved. On the other hand, given its low cost and potential benefits in terms of eliminating gum disease and all of the problems that creates throughout the body, it probably makes sense to add it to your arsenal of health maintenance protocols.  Learn everything you need to know to maximize the effectiveness of this potentially lifesaving technique.   
  • 6/22/2009
    We've all heard the expression, You can't see the forest for the trees. Its meaning is simple: if you look too closely at small details, you miss the big picture. And so it is when it comes to studies that explore the relationship between gum disease and various illnesses. When each study is viewed as a single tree, no one sees the forest. What specifically am I talking about? What is the trigger for today's newsletter?
  • 6/23/2008
    For years, the FDA has marched arm in arm with the American Dental Association and unflinchingly maintained the joint position that mercury fillings are perfectly safe, despite ever increasing evidence to the contrary. But on June 3rd, they finally broke ranks.
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