Tag: Toxins & Pollution

Arsenic in Wine

A new report accuses 28 well-known California wineries of selling wine with high arsenic levels.
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An End to Gray Hair

According to FASEB Journal, an experimental biology publication, there's a new cream under development called PC-KUS, or pseudocatalase, which reverses...
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Synthetics in Your Food

Hundreds of foods available on your supermarket shelves may use a chemical called azodicarbonamide, which is also used in the...
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Heavy Metal Hysteria

It seems that heavy metal hysteria is reaching an all-time high in the alternative health community--especially since Mike Adams at...
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Filthy Spices

According to the FDA, if you consume spices regularly, you’re also getting a fair dose of insect parts, rodent droppings,...
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Fighting Fleas

Fleas usually enter people's lives via their pets. Cats and dogs pick them up from other animals or from the...
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