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Sleep and Stroke Risk

People who typically sleep for longer than eight hours each night may have an elevated stroke risk compared to those...
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New Lucid Dreaming Research

Staying fully conscious while dreaming, otherwise known as "lucid dreaming," is actually a more common experience than popular wisdom would...
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Jet Lag Cures

According to research, the worst impacts of jet lag may be avoided or at least ameliorated by a series of...
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Smart Bed Stops Snoring

Snoring can trigger health problems in those who sleep with a snoring partner, and also, the person who snores incurs...
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Take a closer look at caffeine benefits and risks and the effects it has on overall health, as well as...
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Help for Chronic Sleepiness

Many people are affected by chronic sleepiness and until now, nothing has been particularly helpful. New drug research has concluded...
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Noise Undermines Health

A new study from Denmark has found that high amounts of traffic noise exposure can have adverse effects on cardiovascular...
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Sleep Deprived Adults on the Job

According to recent research, night-shift workers, especially those in the transportation, warehouse, and health care industries, are not getting enough...
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Sleeping Pills Kill

According to a new study, if you use sleeping pills regularly, you have a five times greater risk of dying than...
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