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Sedating the Dog

Various things can set off pet anxiety, but should you rely on drugs?  Learn some natural options!
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Pet Anxiety

Pets of all kinds, except for cats, can suffer from separation anxiety when their owners are away.
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Dog Love is Real

When owners look into their dog's eyes, both the dog and the human experience a blast of oxytocin, otherwise known...
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Obesity in Pet Land

One out of every five dogs or cats is clinically obese. That comes to about 100 million chubby pets, if...
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Fighting Fleas

Fleas usually enter people's lives via their pets. Cats and dogs pick them up from other animals or from the...
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Sleeping With Your Pets

Bruno Chomel,a professor of zoonoses at University of California Davis, and his co-author Ben Sun reviewed published literature about people's...
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