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Thyroid Disease

Today, there are more than 20 million Americans with thyroid disease. The two main types of thyroid disease fall into...
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While it may often be referenced in westerns as a “sissy drink,” real sarsaparilla is indeed a valuable herb with...
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Hypnosis for Menopause

Research has discovered a drug-free way to reduce some of the symptoms of menopause and improve the sex lives of...
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Acne in Younger Kids

According to pediatric dermatologists, acne has begun to strike younger and younger kids. It is appearing in some cases in...
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Hormones are the body’s chemical messenger system. They tell the various cells of the body what to do — and...
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Old Person Smell

If you've ever spent time around elderly people, you might have noticed a certain smell.  You are not imagining that smell....
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Fat-Burning Hormone

Brown fat is body fat that burns energy, as opposed to the more typical white fat, which just stores the...
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Aqua Horribilis

Research published in BMJ Open last November, strongly suggests that there may be a link between synthetic estrogen from oral...
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