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Supercomputer, MD

Wellpoint Insurance has paired up with Memorial Sloan-Kettering Hospital in New York to use the IBM Watson supercomputer to help...
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Pharmaceutical Bribes Exposed

It's routine practice for drug companies to lavish gifts, lunches, research grants, samples, discounts, contributions, club memberships and more to...
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Unproven Medicine, Yet Again

Only about 20% of conventional medicine is supported by studies. And even at that, studies provide far less validation and certitude than most...
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Niacin and Cholesterol

A recent study proving that niacin doesn't help prevent heart attacks and strokes actually rips the facade off one of the...
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Dogs Detect Cancer

Research, out of Germany, shows dogs can identify people who have lung tumors better than current medical testing, just by sniffing them.
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Mammograms Revisited

It is the expected norm within the medical community that women — especially those over 40 or with a family...
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Measles Making a Comeback

Measles is being reintroduced to the U.S. primarily by travelers who have not been vaccinated against it. According to the Centers...
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