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MERS Coronavirus Redux

There may be something coming in the fall that could change the equation regarding MERS (MIddle East Respiratory Virus).
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Dangers In The Bathroom

Few things evoke revulsion and complaint the way dirty public restrooms do. Even sparkling clean public restrooms make many of...
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Tattoo Ink Warning

  Coverage of the health risk of tattoos has been revisited after contaminated tattoo ink ingredients have caused an outbreak of...
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The Superbug STD

Recently, according to the World Health Organization, strains of gonorrhea have appeared that are resistant to all of the antibiotics...
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Oral HPV Fears

New research has found that HPV can be carried within the mouth, and may be present there in approximately seven...
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Pertussis is Back

Pennsylvania's Department of Health just issued a health warning of unusually high levels of pertussis, and California has reported an...
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