Antibiotics and Colon Cancer

Socioeconomics and Cancer

There is a disparity between the forms of cancer typically diagnosed in wealthy individuals versus the forms typically diagnosed in...
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Vitamin D for Cancer

A recent study out of China has determined that greater levels of vitamin D are associated with higher survival rates...
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Viagra Linked to Melanoma

According to new research, taking Viagra appears to almost double your risk of developing melanoma--even if you only take it...
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Cat’s Claw Bark

The rainforest holds many natural medicine secrets still to be uncovered. One of the secrets that HAS been discovered, however,...
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Sanguinaria canadensis, most commonly referred to as bloodroot, has a rich Native American background. Its nickname, war paint, should give...
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Poke Root

If you live anywhere from Maine to Texas, you may have been introduced to the poke root as a highly...
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Flaxseed is considered by many to be one of the most powerful foods on the planet. According to history, this...
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GMO Study Retracted

Recently, a study critical of GMO corn and Round-Up was retracted under dubious circumstances--and it looks like Monsanto was involved.
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Eat Nuts to Live Longer

Regularly consuming nuts may offer some protection from cardiovascular disease and certain cancers and make you less likely to die...
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