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New Hair Loss Cure?

Hair loss affects over 80 million people, but current treatments may cause serious side effects. A new technique promises to...
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Getting Rid of Wrinkles

US consumers spend $53 billion a year on anti-aging products. For all that money, what kinds of results do consumers...
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Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a common autoimmune disease in which killer T-cells of the body’s own immune system (most likely...
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Inflammation is actually a defense mechanism for the body. For injuries, it serves to bathe the injury in healing fluids...
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Eternal Youth?

The dream of eternal youth has been the subject of legends across cultures, in one form or another, for thousands...
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Boost Memory While You Sleep

New sleep studies are being released about 'sleep programming' or 'sleep learning', to improve memory and boost productivity. But could...
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Latinos Age More Slowly

If you’re of Latino heritage, you can consider yourself lucky. Aside from the rich cultural background from which you hail,...
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And the Blind Shall See

One of the most extraordinary advances of medicine in the past few years has been the development of real-life visors...
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