Lessons from the Miracle Doctors — Expanded Edition (400+ pages)

Enjoy Jon Barron’s 400-page expanded edition with updated research and dedicated chapters on special conditions such as heart disease, obesity, MS, Alzheimer’s, and more.  If you like the free download, then you will want the softcover version.  Retail Price $24.95  Now $17.95

“Quite simply the best book ever written on alternative health” Aris Awitan, MD,  Houston, TX



Lessons From Miracle Doctors Book free Download

Lessons from the Miracle Doctors — Abridged Version (166 pages)

Get a glance at some of Jon Barron’s incredible health information by downloading his first edition free!  This version has been purchased and downloaded in virtually every country in the world over the last decade, and has become known as the most definitive alternative health reference source on disease prevention.

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