• 8/22/2008
    What is "Radura" and what is the FDA considering as a proposal for the mandatory radiation of all fresh produce? Prepare yourself for the implications of this proposal and know what to look for in labeling to avoid irradiated produce and meat products while you still have the choice.
  • 8/21/2008
    Elementary school kids are now at risk of high blood pressure. Find out what activities your children should avoid and what you should do to keep your kids healthy!
  • 8/7/2008
    If our medical doctors do not have the ability to teach us the importance of basic health and nutrition, how should the public be expected to safely utilize natural alternatives? Arm yourself with this segment as Jon Barron unveils important studies and simple natural health alternatives that have been well known for decades.
  • 7/11/2008
    What are studies now showing about excess weight gain, obesity and increased caloric intake? Find out what has changed in our diets that created this battle and what simple adjustments can be made to protect your health against dangerous caloric intake levels and create natural weight loss.
  • 6/6/2008
    Steady restrictions by the FDA could affect your ability to intelligently purchase health and nutritional products, while the pharmaceutical agencies are not being subjected to the same regulations. Find out how people are reacting and what you can do to keep your health, with this Q&A session with Jon Barron!
  • 5/23/2008
    According to conservative estimates, an astounding 7% of practicing physicians are drug addicted, particularly to alcohol, benzodiazepines, an assortment of opiates, and cocaine. Learn how to protect yourself the next time you step foot in your doctors office.
  • 4/25/2008
    According to a new study, your blood pressure and heart health are now within your control! Understand how your health and diet play a bigger part than genetics when trying to stabilize hypertension, high blood pressure, and your body's response to your dietary intake.
  • 4/11/2008
    The CDC's latest report on food borne illnesses recommends to avoid consuming unpasteurized milk, avoid under cooked eggs, poultry, oysters and ground meat. Find out why this report is misleading the public.
  • 3/21/2008
    The new trend of placing wireless, implantable pace makers are found to be vulnerable to hacking. Understand the truth about new safety warnings so that you can protect yourself from harm and furthermore, what you can do to naturally repair cardiac problems. 
  • 2/29/2008
    Understand what 'off label drugs' are and how the FDA handles prescription medications under this umbrella. Protect yourself, and your family, from unneccesary risks when prescribed to take a pharmaceutical that hasn't been tested for that particular syndrome or disease.
  • 2/15/2008
    Why is carbon monoxide being used as a preservative? New techniques have surfaced to disguise the quality of meat in your grocery store. Learn how to protect you and your family from unncessary illness from rancid meats.
  • 2/1/2008
    Are you concerned about Heavy Metal Toxicity? Arm yourself with powerful knowledge about the repercussions of heavy metals in our diets, understand where they are coming from and learn what natural sources will help to remove these dangerous toxins!
  • 1/4/2008
    A study done out of the University of Chicago, found that on average 45% of physicians prescribe placebos regularly. This segment educates us on how to avoid becoming a part of that statistic, explains why they are doing this and prepares us for the next time we need to see a doctor.
  • 12/14/2007
    New Jersey recently passed a resolution requiring that children over 6 months of age who attend public schools or day care, are required to have flu shots before they begin. Are we giving politicians control of our health freedoms? Learn what you can do about it with this power punched segment!
  • 11/30/2007
    Could a lack of, or too much sleep be linked to illness? And are sleeping pills really doing what they promise? Understand how the different stages of sleep effect the body and educate yourself on which natural health alternatives are safe to use.
  • 11/16/2007
    A lot of subtleties are being lost in recent studies that are lumping all grains together. Jon exposes the extensive differences between these two grains and explains how to make healthy choices for ourselves despite being told the incomplete story by the media.
  • 11/2/2007
    Does having a positive attitude impact survival for people with cancer? Is it misleading to think that positive thinking could boost and improve your immune system while receiving chemotherapy treatments? Jon reviews the studies that are creating misunderstandings in both the alternative health industry and medical establishments.
  • 10/20/2007
    With toxins and disease running rampant in our lives, the masses are looking for a trusted way to safely perform a full body detox program. Jon explains why the Baseline of Health® Foundation's Annual Detox Event has become a safe haven for local and international participants alike. Learn how and why this detox program and event became so successful and how you can take back control of your health too!
  • 10/19/2007
    Clinical studies confirm that receiving a blood transfusion increases your risk of having a heart attack! Understand why they may be doing more harm than good and how you can avoid putting yourself at risk.
  • 10/5/2007
    Understand why heavy metal detoxification is so important, why intestinal cleansing and detoxification has to be the first step, how to safely perform a kidney and gallbladder flush, and why a liver and blood detox can dramatically improve your health.