• 5/21/2010
    Currently, about 5.3 million people in the US have Alzheimer's Disease. A new study states, "Epidemiological evidence linking diet, one of the most important modifiable environmental factors, and risk of Alzheimer's disease is rapidly increasing." Understand the significance of this study and arm yourself with information about mental health & Alzheimer's with this health podcast.
  • 5/7/2010
    The annual bill for PSA screening in the U.S. is $3 billion, even though the test "is hardly more effective than a coin toss."  Learn the truth about PSA testing, what tests will give you more accurate results concerning your prostate health, and about alternative cancer therapies with this health podcast.
  • 4/23/2010
    A new study led by the Scripps Research Institute in Florida revealed just how extraordinarily addictive junk food actually is. In essence, the researchers found that junk foods exert an addictive pull as powerful as that conferred by the most highly addictive narcotic drugs. Understand the implications of what this study reveals about the brain, eating habits, and obesity in this latest health podcast.
  • 4/9/2010
    Are you able to get a good night's sleep on a regular basis? The National Sleep Foundation conducted a survey asking 1,000 whites, African Americans, Asians, and Hispanics between the ages of 25 and 60 about their sleep and bedtime routines. Results showed that while all groups report that they don't get enough sleep, there were interesting differences among ethnicities. Find out what techniques benefit sleep and what issues have been found to stifle sleeping habits.
  • 3/26/2010
    Is your size expanding due to the increasing portion sizes? In fact, everything food-related has gotten bigger in the past 20 years, from dinner plate sizes to the amount of calories in bagels. With the more people saving time by eating out, how do you protect yourself from this unhealthy industry trend? Arm yourself with Jon's empowering information on natural weight control in this podcast, and avoid becoming an obesity statistic.
  • 3/5/2010
    A new study reveals that the chemical being added to plastics – bisphenol-A (BPA) – links directly to coronary heart disease, diabetes, and an increase in liver enzymes. While public awareness has increased, it is still pertinent that we understand the health risks of bisphenol-A and what to avoid, until the FDA starts implementing serious guidelines around the use of this dangerous chemical.
  • 2/19/2010
    Childhood obesity has been a hot topic in the media lately, but a recent study suggested that children raised by their grandparents fulltime had a 34% increased risk of being overweight! Could the study be accurate or does this bring new meaning to spoiling children in an effort to aid in their mental and emotional health, ultimately putting the child's physical health at risk?
  • 2/4/2010
    Is off label drug use of Metformin for weight loss in diabetic teens proving beneficial? While a 5-10 lb temporary weight loss is seen when Metformin is used with fitness and proper diet, the side effects may create worse conditions than what the teens were experiencing previously. Not to mention that the teens immediately regained those pounds back.  For natural health remedies on diabetes as well as long-term, natural weight loss, you won't want to miss this health podcast!
  • 1/15/2010
    As obesity rates triple since 1980, researchers are scrambling to find a link to this global epidemic. Now new research links obesity to physical and emotional abuse-increasing the risk by almost 30%! But, could there be a surge of abuse in just 20 years? Find out what is truly going on in this latest health podcast from Jon Barron.
  • 12/11/2009
    Are annual mammograms still the recommended screening guideline?  Find out why this is up for debate among doctors, the dangers of mammograms, and other screening methods & alternative cancer therapies that your doctor never tells you about.
  • 12/4/2009
    Can healthy dieting and natural weight control be linked to your emotional state? Find out why most weight loss programs don't work. Learn what does work, such as healthy weight control habits.
  • 11/13/2009
    As diabetes rates escalate, our medical care system will be unable to handle this global health issue. Take control of your health through lifestyle modifications, juicing, detoxing, and natural methods for regulating blood sugar metabolism. Learn Jon's keys tips that are twice as effective as drugs and have no side-effects.
  • 11/6/2009
    Parents are losing their obese kids to foster care, but are they really the ones to blame for growing obesity rates when the government subsidizes the foods that make us sick, and the food industry markets these foods as cheap alternatives to healthy food?
  • 10/16/2009
    Jon Barron debunks The CSPI's report which lists the 10 foods most likely to make you sick — such as Leafy greens for salmonella, E. coli, and norovirus. However, the real digits reveal that organizations, jurisdictions, misrepresentation, and contamination are more to blame than the actual food itself. Don't be fooled; instead, eat well and learn what probiotics and colon detox products can do.
  • 10/2/2009
    With some clever marketing by a big pharmaceutical company, the medical community and the FDA are convinced young boys need to take the Gardasil vaccine, but how safe is it really? Listen while Jon Barron uncovers the truth.
  • 9/19/2009
    Find out what harmful bacteria is lurking in your shower and how you can prevent it from causing nasty lung infections and breathing problems.  Learn about natural health remedies for a strong immune system in this natural health podcast.
  • 9/4/2009
    What's considered to be safe in your water today could be hazardous to your health tomorrow. How do you remove toxins from your water and why are Catalyst Altered Trace Minerals™ vital to your body?
  • 8/7/2009
    Should you buy organic? New British research implies that consumers are wasting their money on organic produce. In this stunning podcast, learn about the study's faulty methodology, the biased reporting, and discover the truth behind the research.
  • 7/24/2009
    The benefits of exercise are profound. However, how much should you exercise to stay in the "magic zone" where the body gains resistance and the brain resists decay? Listen to Jon's details on healthy exercise and natural anti-aging!
  • 7/10/2009
    If new research suggests that coffee may help prevent and reduce Alzheimer's disease, what are the risks? Learn the positive and negative aspects of caffeine and what supplements prolong and protect your brain health.