Arthritis Study

Why are studies claiming that half of Americans will have arthritis of the knee by the time they are in...
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Hypertension in Kids

Elementary school kids are now at risk of high blood pressure. Find out what activities your children should avoid and...
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Increased Calorie Intake

What are studies now showing about excess weight gain, obesity and increased caloric intake? Find out what has changed in...
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FDA & Pharmaceutical Agendas

Steady restrictions by the FDA could affect your ability to intelligently purchase health and nutritional products, while the pharmaceutical agencies...
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Doctors Addicted To Drugs

According to conservative estimates, an astounding 7% of practicing physicians are drug addicted, particularly to alcohol, benzodiazepines, an assortment of...
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Hypertension Diet

According to a new study, your blood pressure and heart health are now within your control! Understand how your health...
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Pasteurized Foods

The CDC’s latest report on food borne illnesses recommends to avoid consuming unpasteurized milk, avoid under cooked eggs, poultry, oysters...
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Off Label Drugs

Understand what ‘off label drugs’ are and how the FDA handles prescription medications under this umbrella. Protect yourself, and your...
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Fish & Mercury

Are you concerned about Heavy Metal Toxicity? Arm yourself with powerful knowledge about the repercussions of heavy metals in our...
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A study done out of the University of Chicago, found that on average 45% of physicians prescribe placebos regularly. This...
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Blood Transfusion Risks

Clinical studies confirm that receiving a blood transfusion increases your risk of having a heart attack! Understand why they may...
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How To Detox Safely

Understand why heavy metal detoxification is so important, why intestinal cleansing and detoxification has to be the first step, how...
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Depression Trend

Jon discusses headlines stating that "depression may be the world's most disabling disease" by discussing why antidepressant trends are on...
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Exposing Stevia

Why does the FDA allow Stevia as a supplement, but is claiming it to be unsafe as a 'food' or...
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