Coffee and Alzheimer’s

If new research suggests that coffee may help prevent and reduce Alzheimer’s disease, what are the risks? Learn the positive...
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Food Wrapper Chemicals

Learn about the unavoidable chemical, diPAP that contaminates humans and the environment for decades. Is it possible to take control...
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Near Death Experiences

Could a ‘near death experience’ actually be a result of an overly active imagination or simple physiology? Jon discusses how...
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Swine Flu — H1N1

If you are feeling fearful or confused about the most recent pandemic with Swine Flu (H1N1), you won’t want to...
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Red Meat Research

Two new studies about meat consumption showed misleading results which heavily confused the public. Find out what level of red...
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Microbes for Health

What are microbes and why are they so important for optimal health?  Jon discusses theories about beneficial bacteria and the...
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3rd Hand Smoke

Everyone is aware of the dangers of smoking and even second hand smoke, but are you aware of the dangers...
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Healthcare Confusion

People want to know what Politicians are going to do about the critical state of healthcare and the spiking trends...
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‘Off Label’ Prescribing

What is happening within the medical and pharmaceutical industries with off label prescribing?  Listen to this natural health podcast and...
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How To Detox Your Kidneys

Kidney problems have continued to soar to paramount levels and a specified kidney detox has become pertinent for disease prevention....
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Flawed Studies on Vitamin E

Studies on Vitamin E, cardiovascular disease, and heart health have been released earlier this month; however, the results are flawed....
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