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If you missed a recent bi-weekly newsletter from Jon Barron, don’t fret! We have archived all the health newsletters below for your convenience. Scroll topics or if you are looking for specific health information, use our search field above. More than likely, Jon covered your topic in one of these health newsletters!

Allergies Ascending

Not only is the number of people with food allergies rising, it would seem the number of foods to which they are allergic is also growing.

Cell Phones and Cancer—Yes, Again

New research suggests—yet again and despite assurances to the contrary that we have received over the years—that cell phone radiation does have a risk to our health.

Colon Cleanse: Death Begins In The Colon

A Barron Report on how natural colon detox — also known as a colon cleanse — can improve intestinal health and prevent digestive disorders, diverticular disease or irritable bowel syndrome.

The Mainstream Media and Detoxing

In the end, we can sum up the latest hullabaloo about detoxing as an inaccurate interpretation of a valid study by a mainstream nutritionist aided and abetted by bad journalism.

Cold Weather—More Heart Attacks

There is another reason to dislike the windy, wintry weather that will soon be upon us. New research suggests that cold weather could mean trouble for your heart.

Big Family, Small Risk of Cancer

Did you grow up in a large family with several siblings?  You might end up with a major, unexpected health benefit according to new research.

Exercising Your Brain, It Matters

Keeping mentally active protects against dementia. Do crossword puzzles; listen to classical music; learn a new language; go back to school, whatever it takes.

What Your Fingers May Reveal

When the pointer (index) finger is longer than the ring finger, research now says it could link to your sexuality and personality.

Drink Coffee to Prevent Rosacea

We’ve got good news for you if you suffer from rosacea: a new study suggests that coffee might actually help you in the fight against rosacea.

How Laetrile Works, B17

In most documented cases in which any benefits were associated with laetrile, the laetrile was used as part of a comprehensive protocol that included detoxing, an extremely clean raw diet, and a high level of supplementation.

Urinary Tract Infections, Kidney Health

Urinary tract infections are often difficult to get rid of and can easily spread to the kidneys. You need to knock the infection out, acidify the urine, and use D-Mannose to carry any E coli out of the urinary tract.

Radiation Therapy, What Comes After?

Whatever benefits radiation therapy may have in terms of treating cancer, it is profoundly damaging to the tissues, cells, and genetic structure of the human body, not to mention, if nothing else, it is a known carcinogen.

Restless Legs Syndrome, Natural Alternative

Restless legs syndrome (RLS) is a neurological disorder characterized by unpleasant sensations in the legs and an uncontrollable urge to move them for relief.

Removing Heavy Metals from Children

My grandson is four years old and has high levels of lead. Can he use something like a Metal Magic formula to remove the lead?

Looking at Carbohydrates Yet Again

Making smart dietary choices—including eating adequate amounts of healthy carbohydrates–gives you much better odds of living a long, healthy life.

Non-Toxic Nail Polish May Not Be So Safe

According to new research, even if you are careful and only stick with certain safe brands of nail polish, you could still be exposing yourself to toxic chemicals.

Increase Your Water Intake to Avoid UTIs

Any woman who has ever experienced a urinary tract infection (UTI) knows once is more than enough.  However, new research suggests you may have an answer right in your own kitchen.

Dangers of Alcohol Detoxing

If you drink more than eight drinks per week (16 for men), you may experience symptoms of alcohol withdrawal upon stopping.  Learn more…

Prophylactic, Voluntary Breast Removal

More and more women are now opting for voluntary breast removal (bilateral prophylactic mastectomy) after testing positive for what is being called ‘the breast cancer gene.

The Life Stressors Most Likely to Kill

It’s certainly no surprise that stress can contribute to illness, but it turns out that certain types of stress are far more likely to get you sick than others.

Gynecomastia, Male Breast Enlargement

Gynecomastia, male breast enlargement, results from an altered estrogen-androgen balance. Surprisingly, it is quite common in men, being present in 30% to 50% of healthy men. What can you do?


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