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If you missed a recent bi-weekly newsletter from Jon Barron, don’t fret! We have archived all the health newsletters below for your convenience. Scroll topics or if you are looking for specific health information, use our search field above. More than likely, Jon covered your topic in one of these health newsletters!

Probiotics for Depression?

Researchers are now discovering that there might be a surprising factor in the onset of everything from depression and anxiety to PTSD and even autism.

Diabetes After 50 May Be Extra Dangerous

Besides the long list of complications with which diabetes is associated, new research now suggests that those who are diagnosed with diabetes at an older age may face a higher risk of cancer as well.

Inescapable Toxins

Understanding toxins in our environment and pointers on how to detoxify our bodies.

Five Things to Avoid at the Gym

If you’ve completed a workout at the gym this week, you can give yourself a pat on the back, provided you didn’t injure yourself during your workout and can still reach your back.

Blood Pressure and Dementia Risk

According to new research, having even somewhat elevated blood pressure might mean developing cognitive problems later in life.  Find out more…

What’s Really Behind All These Suicides?

Suicide rates in the US have escalated an astonishing 25 percent in the past 20 years. What’s up? Why are all these people choosing to exit the planet early?

5 Great Reasons to Practice Yoga

Join in the celebration on June 21 of the International Day of Yoga, which is designated by the United Nations and has hundreds of countries taking part. If you are new to yoga, this is a great chance to learn more and give it a try. 

Radiation from Flying on Planes

Do you ever opt out of x-ray security scanning at the airport?  Did you ever wonder how much radiation you get on those scanners, and just how much radiation do you get when you fly?

Ditch Your Alarm Clock on the Weekends

If you love getting the chance to snooze for an extra few hours now and then on a Saturday, you’ll be thrilled to find out that new research suggests it might potentially increase your longevity.

Read More So You Can Worry Less About Dementia

There are many everyday things we can do that have been associated with lowering the risk of dementia. In fact, new research suggests that commonplace activities such as reading might be extremely beneficial.

Take Back Your Lunch Break!

Despite what’s considered “normal” for your workplace, we’re here to remind you that it is essential to take that lunch hour break—or even a half hour on especially busy days—to benefit yourself and your employer as well. Learn why…

Does Faster Internet Mean Faster Death for Us?

Mobile device service providers are about to roll out a new, higher level of service called 5G Wireless. However, many are quite frightened by its potential health impacts.

Practice Yoga to Fight Incontinence

Certain conditions are just not comfortable discussing: urinary incontinence.  However, new research has discovered that the answer might lie in yoga.

Ebola: It’s Back in the News

If a mutated Ebola virus hits the United States with a vengeance in the future, as things now stand, we will very likely be unprepared to handle it.

Physical Jobs Can Take a Health Toll

New research suggests that physically strenuous jobs appear to be potentially more detrimental to health than jobs in which you are less active.

Beware the Hotel Swimming Pool

It’s not quite so fun if you end up getting ill on your vacation, and a new report suggests that might be considerably more likely if you are using the hotel pool.

Memory Hacking

Today researchers are exploring how to control and delete memories in humans.  What are the implications and concerns?

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