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    Numerous facts about the "Health Renaissance Man," Jon Barron.
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    World-leading nutraceutical researcher, cutting-edge formulary consultant, Director of The Baseline of Health® Foundation, Health Sciences Institute Board Member
    Editor, Publisher, and Lecturer.
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    The Baseline of Health® Foundation Mission.
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    Review frequently asked questions that pertain to the Baseline of Health® Foundation.


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    Here you will find some of the articles that Jon Barron has written for major health publications and some of the articles in which he has been quoted as an expert on health and nutrition.
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    Jon Barron has been heard on many radio shows across the US including 1010 WGUN, 960 KZIM, 1300 WERE AM, 89.7 FM KACC, 89.3 FM WMKV and is the resident health expert for the 1680 AM "Healthy Trends" radio show in LA.
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    Review flash recordings of recent video clippings and press interviews featuring Jon Barron.
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    Here you will find press releases or press announcements from The Baseline of Health® Foundation.

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