Study on Behavior

Do you think the upper class has the upper hand when it comes to manners and politeness? Studies show that’s...
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New Study On IQ

If you have taken an IQ test at some point in your life, whether at school or through an evaluation,...
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Death In Your Sleep

Shelley Adler, a professor at the University of California, San Francisco, trained in medical anthropology research, has written a book...
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New Weight Loss Study

A recent obesity study out of Australia has concluded that when people lose weight, their metabolism automatically slows down and...
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New Cigarette Warning Labels

Pending legislation would force tobacco companies to attach very graphic warning labels, including disturbing images, to cigarette packages.
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Fat Tax

By applying a tax to items like sugary drinks, greasy French fries, and foods such as cookies and doughnuts that...
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Mammograms Revisited

It is the expected norm within the medical community that women — especially those over 40 or with a family...
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Consistently Unhealthy

Why is it that In the world of “scientific” medicine, deeply ingrained beliefs (e.g. flu shots, statin drugs, antidepressants, hormone...
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