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Date: 04/13/2012

The Meaning of Colors and the Evolution of Desire

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Why are food courts painted bright colors? Why is a doctor’s coat white? Why are there love songs about ladies in red? Examples of color psychology are everywhere; our moods, emotions, and behaviors are subtly affected by colors, as the recent study linking the color red to sexual attraction show. 

Conducted at the University of Rochester, 25 male volunteers were asked to view photos of a woman. The photos were altered so that the only difference between them is her T-shirt color--red or white. The participants were then asked to rate the woman's level of interest in sex and romance on a scale of one to nine.  According to the difference in their answers, it seems that the color red was indeed a red flag to them of her openness to a sexual encounter. The men rated the woman between one and one-and-a-half points higher when she was dressed in red.  

Previous research has found that men consider a woman to be more sexually alluring if they deem her to be receptive to a possible advance on their part.  Tied together with the latest findings, this may explain why some men go crazy for a lady in red.  

Another study (also at the University of Rochester) showed that women felt the same way. In this study, 32 women were shown black-and-white images of a man framed by either a white or red background.  Participants ranked the attractiveness of the man on a scale of one to nine, and men on red backgrounds were rated more than one point higher on the attractiveness scale by women over men on a white background. Follow-up experiments pitting red against other colors such as green produced the same results. 

But as Jon Barron talks about in this health podcast, the meaning of colors (and how they're used) touches on more than just the evolution of desire. 


    Submitted by Susan Kaye on
    May 21, 2012 - 3:13pm

    Hi - This is in response to your podcast on "The Meaning of Colors and the Evolution of Desire". There has been lots of work on the use of color in healing. Back in the 1930's a man named Darius Dinshaw expanded on the work of a Dr. Edwin Babbit done back in the late 1800's that successfully used color and light for healing. It is all based on vibrational frequency. Both doctors did large amounts of work with the use of light and the color spectrum and on healing with excellent results! I believe that our FDA, in an effort to protect the health of the public from an "obvious fraud" destroyed Dr. Dinshaw's lab and much of his information and stopped him from doing his work! This was much like the action taken against Dr. Royal Rife. As you might know Dr. Rife build an incredible microscope that has not been matched. It could actually see living viruses, bacteria and cancer cells. He also designed and build a machine that could actually destroy them and bring people back to health! Dr. Rife actually did a study back in the 1930's through the University of Southern California. He was given a number of terminal cancer patients that were not expected to live through the month - as I recall his machine was able to heal most of them within the month. I think he needed a little more than a month to heal the rest. All in all the results were spectacular. This was another opportunity for the American population to improve their health using inexpensive, non-invasive means that was removed and destroyed by the well meaning intentions of the governmental branch of the FDA! (or perhaps even Big Pharma)

    Submitted by M Shep on
    June 13, 2015 - 7:31am

    These are slanted studies that you're pulling from. There are no shortage of agendas and this is not your fault.

    I know a lot about the subject of colors. Red is not a sexual color it is the color for survival. Men are attracted to women in red because they believe the woman in red that they look upon is necessary for their survival on a subconscious level.

    Orange is the sexual color which is why Hooters uses orange in their branding. White is the color of purity; a color that can do no wrong. This is why physicians wear white coats. They tell us one message with their words and another message with their colors. Tricky tricky.

    Many Blessings

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