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Date: 05/27/2011

Friendships At Work

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Researchers from Tel Aviv University in Israel recently reported that after following 820 adults over a 20-year period, it became clear that those who enjoyed good friendships at work had a significantly lower risk of dying from any cause.  The subjects came from a wide spectrum of industries, and the research controlled for factors that could influence mortality such as blood pressure, alcohol consumption, smoking habits, diet, pre-existing conditions, amount of exercise per week, and so on. But even after ruling out all those other contingencies, the subjects with the most supportive peer relationships "at work" had lower rates of mortality, and the effect held over the entire 20-year period of the study.  Friendships seem to have the healing power to counteract other negative factors in life, including a bad boss or family problems. Even more, having good friends everywhere you spend time, including on the job, is key.  Listen to Jon Barron's health podcast to learn more about how friendships at work may contribute to your health!

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