New STD Testing | Health Podcast

Date: 01/21/2011

Digital Gadgetry

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Forward-thinking scientists in England at St. George's University of London are creating a method of STD testing that is similar in concept to a home pregnancy test kit.  It can be used in the privacy of your own home, dorm room, at the bar after just meeting someone you make a special connection with, or just about anywhere that's convenient.  When the device, approximately the same size as a USB chip, is put into contact with the user's urine or saliva, it must then be connected to a cell phone or computer.  Amazingly, the diagnosis only takes between five and 15 minutes.  If it is positive, the readout tells the user whether they have contracted an STD, which one it is, and what to do for treatment.

Not only does this device eliminate the waiting time for appointments at doctor's offices and provide a virtually instantaneous diagnosis, but it allows people to take charge of their sexual well-being.  It will also, one might hope, curb the spread of STDs, considering that people will become aware of any infections much sooner and therefore be able to alert all of their recent and current sexual partners.  Listen to this health podcast for more in depth information about protecting your sexual health with this new digital gadgetry!