Joint Pain

  • The Young & Joint Replacements | Natural Health Blog
    As we get older, the wear and tear on our joints begins to take a toll. However, new research shows that a common treatment for these problems—joint replacement surgery—is being performed on patients younger than ever.
  • Does The Saluda Implant Banish Pain? | Natural Health Blog
    All drugs used to relieve pain have potentially dangerous side effects, and all have limited effectiveness; but now there's a new option that might make a difference.
  • 9/1/2005
    When it comes to joint pain, no one solution works for everyone! That's so important, I'm going to repeat it one more time. No one solution works for everyone!
  • 8/29/2005
    This newsletter will help to explain chronic joint pain and how to prevent further degradation of your joint tissue, naturally.
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