Dangers of Prescription Drugs

  • Ibuprofen Negatively Impacts Fertility | Natural Health Blog
    According to new research, taking ibuprofen might be negatively impacting your fertility. Learn more...
  • Oxycontin Addiction | Health Blog
    Chances are good that you know somebody addicted to drugs, usually hooked to painkillers after a surgery or medical issue. But there is a major problem with opioids: they kill.
  • Taking Too Many Prescription Drugs | Natural Health Newsletter
    The odds of your doctors understanding that your infirmity could result from the drugs they've prescribed might not be good.
  • Can Low Blood Pressure Cause Heart Attacks? Natural Health Blog
    We all know that high blood pressure is potentially dangerous. But now, new research suggests that when we lower blood pressure a little too much, it may also raise the risk of having a heart attack.
  • Naturally Treat Child ADHD | Children's Health Blog
    Kids with ADHD may benefit greatly from making positive, health-related lifestyle changes.
  • Doctors Overprescribe Antibiotics | Health Blog
    According to the CDC, nearly one-third of the outpatient oral antibiotics prescribed each year may be unjustified.
  • Doctors Treat Difficult Patients with Worse Care | Health Blog
    The care a physician provides appears to suffer when a patient is difficult or disruptive during an appointment.
  • Meditation Relieves Pain | Mental Health Blog
    Mindfulness meditation may be a very effective way to achieve long-lasting, drug-free pain relief.
  • Overdose on Prescription Opioid Pain Killers
    According to the CDC, over 47,000 Americans fatally overdosed on prescription killers in 2014. Almost as stunning was the apparent lack of concern expressed by the world's media when reporting it.
  • Natural Fibromyalgia Remedies & Acupuncture | Health Blog
    Fibromyalgia patients treated with acupuncture experience relief from painful symptoms and enjoy improved quality of life.
  • 3 Top Reasons Americans Die Young | Health Blog
    Deaths due to car accidents, drug overdoses, and gun violence are significant contributors to the gap in life expectancy rates between the U.S. and similar developed nations.
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