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Super ViraGon ® Receives Independent Product Endorsement

LAS VEGAS, NV, April 24, 2006 (PR NEWSWIRE) – Baseline Nutritionals®, a world leader in cutting-edge nutraceuticals and organic herbal formulas, announced today that Mike Adams,’s Senior Editor and designated Health Ranger, has recently endorsed Super ViraGon®, a cutting-edge organic formula packed with natural ingredients used by both farmers and alternative health practioners for centuries to combat not only viruses, but also bacterial and fungal infections. Super ViraGon® was not designed for bird flu and the manufacturer makes no claims in that regard. However, due to the strong combination of ingredients and proprietary processing techniques, Mike Adams is recommending that his readers stock up on Super ViraGon® to protect against any flu, including the Avian Bird Flu.

“Our readers have given us incredible testimonials about Super ViraGon®, including its ability to be more effective than Cipro,” stated Mike Adams, NewsTarget’s product reviewer. “With the lack of reliable treatments for the coming Avian Flu, citizens need to be prepared with alternative solutions. Studies show the ingredients in this product help eradicate the bird flu virus, and the combination Super ViraGon’s® ingredients gives a powerful anti-viral kick.”

The endorsement can be seen at  and the customer testimonial at The clinical studies referenced include one published in First World Congress on the Health Significance of Garlic Constituents (Washington DC, August 28-30 1990) that shows how garlic inhibits reproduction in lipid capsule viruses. Flu viruses, including both the Spanish Flu and bird flu, are lipid capsule viruses. Another pre-clinical study included oil of oregano by Dr. M. Khalid Ijaz at Microbiotest in Sterling, VA found that a 10 minute exposure to a 1% dilution of an oil of oregano combination reduced viral counts from 10,000,000 infectious units per ml to 177,827 infectious units per ml. A 20 minute exposure reduced the counts to under 5,000 per ml. The P73 oregano oil and Oregacillin combination were also able to eradicate avian influenza virus, although this required a higher concentration.

“Although no specific claims are made for Super ViraGon®, its ingredients have been used for centuries by alternative health practioners to combat both viral and bacterial infections,” stated Jon Barron, a world-renowned nutraceutical formulator and product designer of Super ViraGon®. “Most products on the market are not strong enough to mimic the results seen in clinical studies. However, one Super ViraGon® bottle contains the equivalent of 30 cloves of garlic. It’s very strong, and we are very happy to see Mike Adam’s endorsement since he thoroughly investigates products before he recommends them to his dedicated readers around the globe.”

For more information about Super ViraGon®, visit The product currently sells for $34.95 a bottle at

About Jon Barron
Jon Barron is editor and publisher of the Baseline of Health® Newsletter and the Barron Report, which are both read by thousands of doctors, health experts, and nutrition consumers in over 100 countries. He is the author of one of the most acclaimed books of the last decade, Lessons from the Miracle Doctors. He currently serves on the Medical Advisory Board of the prestigious Health Sciences Institute.  Mr. Barron is also a world-renown formulator and consults to many companies, including Baseline Nutritionals®, which uses his formulas exclusively and has become a world leader in cutting-edge, high-end nutraceuticals—now sold in over 40 countries.

About The Health Ranger
Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, has dedicated himself to finding the true causes of health and sharing that information free of charge with over 500,000 global readers at He has used nutrition and exercise to overcome chronic disease and transform his own health. By refusing to accept financial incentives for the products he reviews, the Health Ranger maintains an objectivity you can trust.

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