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Date: 10/06/2006    Written by: Jon Barron

Gallstone Problems, Detoxing Gallbladder

Gallstone Problems


I just suffered through another painful gallstone attack. I want to do a Liver and Gallbladder Cleanse in order to avoid the recommended surgery, but I have the following questions:

Won't the ingestion of such a large amount of olive oil trigger an attack? If not, why not?

When the stones pass, won't they block the different ducts if they are too big? What are the risks of causing a blockage with this cleanse?


Check out the Program for Softening Gallstones Before the Detox on the liver detox event homepage. Softening the stones before the doing the detox significantly minimizes the chances of discomfort. It's also highly recommended that you do a colon detox before doing the liver detox as it opens up the channels for eliminating waste from the liver and gallbladder. You can find a link to instructions for doing the colon detox on the liver detox homepage.

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    Submitted by Christina on
    March 26, 2009 - 4:11pm

    I suffered with gallbladder pain for years without knowing what it was. It wasn't until I lost a bunch of weight that I figured out what was causing all my symptoms. I had a large stone blocking the throat of my gallbladder, so my gallbladder would contract like crazy when ever I'd eat anything. This caused a gripping pain that would last for hours. I had my gallbladder removed a year ago and so far have only experienced mild side effects. I think it was a good decision, although I sometimes wish I had tried the natural remedies first.

    Submitted by Geraldine Faine on
    February 6, 2008 - 12:54am

    Like Sandra, I feel better having recently had my gall bladder removed following six months of severe pain and two blockages of my common bile duct resulting in two bouts of jaundice in three months. I am a woman of 64.
    It has taken me over two months to feel appreciably better, and I believe that my liver in particular has suffered. I still have some discomfort in my liver area and pains in my upper and middle back. An interest in Chinese tongue diagnosis also makes it clear that all is not well with this organ.
    Recognising that I have already had my gall bladder removed, can you advise me through your blog which of your treatments I could adopt to help myself. I presume that a seasonal liver/gallbladder flush might not be appropriate, but what about a periodic liver rebuilding program, for instance? Right now I am taking a milk thistle and dandelion tincture and dandelion tea, and I am fairly careful with my diet, but that's about it.
    I would be so grateful for any advice.

    Submitted by Hap on
    July 21, 2009 - 7:46am

    Does anybody know if this herb really works to break up stones?: Phyllanthus Nirui

    Submitted by Jess on
    December 30, 2008 - 8:32am

    I had gallstone attacks for a few years before they actually figured out what it was. They didn't check the gallbladder because I was so young (15). When they did find out what was wrong, my mom made me do the cleanse, I actually did it about 5 times over a year, and I passed hundreds of stones, however the pain always returned. I eventaually had the surgery, and it is the best thing that has ever happened to me. NO MORE ATTACKS OR PAIN!

    Submitted by Jon Barron on
    February 6, 2008 - 1:12am

    Check out the blog entry

    Submitted by Jon Barron on
    June 9, 2008 - 6:04am

    Who's program did you do? How did you do it? And did you do the stone softening procedure before the actual cleanse? If the program isn't done correctly, then it very well may create problems. And keep in mind that removing your galbladder doesn't get rid of the problem -- just one place the symptoms occur. Surgery may get rid of your gallbladder pain, but you very well may be swapping it for a lifetime of digestive problems because the flow of bile will no longer be regulated to aid in the breakdown of fats.

    Submitted by Jon Barron on
    September 21, 2007 - 6:22am

    Sandra, of course you feel better. You removed the source of the symptoms. However, you did not eliminate the problem. You merely hid it.

    Understand, the gallbladder is not responsible for the production of gallstones. The liver is the culprit -- or rather what we do to the liver. The gallbladder is merely a holding area for bile to be used in the digestion of fats and oils. But if our diets are too high in the wrong kind of oils, if we have allergies to dairy and eggs, low levels of stomach acid, too little fiber in our diets, stress, if the liver is not functioning properly, etc., etc., etc., why then the bile produced in the liver (a mixture of cholesterol, minerals, bile salts, pigment, and lecithin) is of a type and consistency that tends to quickly harden into “stones” before it can be passed out of the gallbladder. An interesting side note is that women are four times more likely than men to get gallstones.
    Removing the gallbladder does not remove the problem; it merely removes the initial symptoms. Yes, it’s true that after gallbladder removal you’re unlikely to suffer from further gallstones. But on the other hand, you’ve now traded one problem for two new ones:

    Since you never corrected the underlying problem of imbalances in the liver, these problems will just continue to get worse -- eventually compromising the liver itself.
    By removing the gallbladder, you also remove its regulating effect on bile. That means that bile is continually dumping into your intestinal tract when it is not needed, and is available in only minimal amounts when it is needed. The net result is chronic digestive problems and probable long-term nutritional deficiencies.

    Far better than removing the gallbladder is a seasonal liver/gallbladder flush combined with a periodic liver rebuilding program.

    Submitted by jonbarron on
    April 1, 2010 - 6:24am

    Robert: You are correct. There are alternatives that work better than the medical option. Then again, why pay for the information on how to do a gallbladder/liver cleanse, when the information is available onsite here for FREE -- along with information on how to do an intestinal cleanse, heavy metal detox, blood cleanse, and kidney and pancreas flush. Check it out. 

    Submitted by Mary on
    March 25, 2009 - 3:58am

    i had my gallbladder removed just over a month ago after having months of severe pain. i was in and out of hospital because they didnt realise what was causing the problems. im only 21 so they never bothered checking my gallbladder until the 3rd time i was taking in and had to stay 2weeks!! Since having my gallbladder removed the pain has gone but after ive eaten my stomach just feels weird all the time! im not happy after my surgery and wish that i had received more advise from my Doctor rather than suggesting surgery as my only option.

    Submitted by Robert White on
    March 30, 2010 - 3:53am

    I agree with Dr. Barron that you need to do the cleanse the right way, otherwise it could cause serious problems.

    I once had gallstones and severe gallbladder inflammation. All the doctor wanted to do was remove my gallbladder, but I had a feeling there was another way.

    As it turns out, doctors may not want to tell you about natural options since it might go against their 'financial' judgment. Anyway, I did eventually come across this very safe, effective cleanse:

    All I can say is that it worked for me and the pain is completely gone. Good luck whatever you decide to do.

    Submitted by sandra on
    September 20, 2007 - 7:34am

    hi everyone. i had my gallbladder out last christmas as i kept having attacks. i feel so much better now

    Submitted by skipdill on
    December 21, 2008 - 6:04pm

    According to USA Today, cold laser therapy has been found to be very successful in gallbladder management, and can be done in as little as 5-10 minute increments. At the very least, it also helps manage the pain in conjunction with other treatment methods.

    Submitted by sharon milan on
    December 19, 2013 - 1:36am

    Can you share the link for the usa article. I cant find it

    Submitted by mary on
    March 1, 2011 - 6:54am

    Gall bladder symptoms are often quite painful, and so it is therefore important to know what can be done to relieve the pain, even temporarily until you find a more long term solution. The first thing you should do is change your diet. You want to refrain from eating greasy fatty foods and instead include more fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet.

    Submitted by Guest on
    April 1, 2011 - 2:36pm

    My mom has a rare disease called Caverous hemangyoma. She has had her gall bladder removed years ago and 3 liver surguries to remove the tumer . It keeps growing back and has now only 1/3 liver left. She is having amonia levels in the 200's and need help to know what she can do.

    Her medication to reduce the levels isnt working and I want help.

    Las Vegas, NV

    Submitted by vickey on
    January 23, 2015 - 12:11pm
    Sandpoint , Idaho

    Have experienced gallbladder/liver issues during my adult life, accompanied by very severe pain in the past. A propensity towards liver toxicity showed up in my genetic testing profile - so I don't agree it is necessarily always due to something I am doing wrong. We live in a toxic world, which stresses the liver. Periodically, perhaps 2-3 times a year, I do liver/gallbladder flushes. I use Drops to help dissolve the stones for 10 days, along with herbal cleanse, then finish with the oil/grapefruit juice cocktail. The next morning stones may be seen. I schedule a colonic for later in the day to flush out any debris. Then all is well. When I begin to feel pressure in the liver/gallbladder region, and/or shoulder/lower back, I cleanse again. I call it "maintenance" or "body clean up." It is a way of life for me to maintain a healthy digestion. Years ago I experienced severe migraines for 8 years. After 1 of these cleanses, followed by a colonic, they disappeared forever! Taking my gallbladder out wasn't a wise choice for me because I learned the liver bile ducts can be choked with stones as well. Periodic cleansing of the L/G bile ducts is what works for me.

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