Heavy Metal Detox: Day By Day

Heavy Metal Detox Daily Instructions

The heavy metal detox is best combined with the Colon Detox, although a heavy metal detox can be done by itself, especially if you are exposed to a lot of heavy metals on a continual basis.  

Use 4 droppers of Metal Magic® (4 mL), 3 times a day–be sure to shake the bottle well before each use.  If you have never detoxed heavy metals before, an initial 6-bottle heavy metal detox is recommended.  Then, two, 2-bottle detoxes a year should be all that’s required for maintenance, barring special circumstances. At 12 droppers per day, each bottle of Metal Magic® lasts approximately 5 days.  A 2-bottle detox will last approximately 10 days.  A 6-bottle detox will last approximately 30 days.

Use the following regimen until the bottles are done.  For some people who like the taste of the formula, you can simply just drop it straight into the mouth and follow with water.  For those who are not fond of the taste, you can mix with juice or water.


First thing in the morning: 8 ounces of water
30 Minutes Later: 4 droppers of Metal Magic®
(4 mL) with juice or water
Noon: 4 droppers of Metal Magic®
(4 mL) with juice or water
Evening: 4 droppers of Metal Magic®
(4 mL) with juice or water

Drink 128 ounces of water throughout the day. Continue with Metal Magic until bottles are done.

Juice Note: because of Metal Magic®‘s almost black color, it’s recommended that you mix it with 1-2 oz of a dark juice such as grape or pomegranate as opposed to something light and colorful like orange juice. The taste when combined with orange juice is actually quite okay, but somehow drinking black orange juice is disconcerting for many people. It’s also recommended that you drink a glass of water after consuming a 4 mL serving of the formula.


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