Colon Detox & Intestinal Cleanse: Tips Before You Begin

Colon Detox: Tips Before You Begin

Review some colon detox tips before you begin your colon cleanse. Make sure to drink plenty of water.

Please read through this page before starting the Colon Cleanse as there are things that can impact how effective it is.


  • The Colon Regenerator™ powder absorbs everything, including any medications or supplements you are taking.  Make sure to take any medications a minimum of 20 minutes before or 60 minutes after the Colon Regenerator powder. That also means that you should not take Colon Regenerator at the same time of day as the Metal Magic™ if combining the detoxes.

  • If you have Colitis or Crohn’s Disease, or an overactive colon, then only use the Colon Regenerator Powder, not the Colon Corrective™.

  • Colon detoxing, as is true of most detox formulas, is not recommended while pregnant because it may temporarily release toxins into the bloodstream, which can then make their way to the fetus.



  • You want the Colon Corrective to “kick in” and activate your colon when you wake up in the morning and reaching a toilet is convenient. For most people, that means it’s best to take the Corrective at night with your evening meal, but adjust as needed to match your body’s timing. (It’s important to have food “after” taking the Corrective to prevent any burning sensation in the esophagus.) Start with one capsule. Increase dosage by one capsule each day until you “feel” the Corrective “kick in” and see a “normal” bowel movement. (Note: A normal bowel movement is soft and unformed. It should break apart when it hits the water — or at least when flushed. This is not to be confused with diarrhea, which is characterized by water.)     


  • Once your colon is moving for a few days and you know your ideal dosage for the Colon Corrective, continue taking this dosage for the rest of the detox and start taking the Colon Regenerator™ powder. Take one scoop of Colon Regenerator powder with 8 oz of diluted juice or water first thing every morning until canister is gone.


  • You want to take the Colon Regenerator Powder on an empty stomach or between meals, at least half an hour before eating and at least an hour after eating. First thing in the morning or just before bed are often the best time to do that.


  • You can use our “Grape Juice Colon Detox Shake” recipe for best taste and to avoid the powder clumping together. If you don’t like grape juice, use any juice you choose. Mixing with just plain water is fine too.


  • Try not to skip your daily dose of Colon Regenerator Powder until done. The more consistent you are, the better the overall results. If a dose is missed, you can either make up for it later that day (remember: half an hour before eating or an hour after). Or you can take two doses the next day. If needed, take the Detoxifier for an extra day or two to finish the canister. In the end, a cleanse is defined by finishing the canister no matter how many days it actually takes.


  • Some are so regular they never need a Corrective capsule during the detox even when taking just one scoop a day of the Colon Regenerator™, which can be binding. Or they only need to take them every other day.  Most people, however, need the daily Corrective pill to feel that “Wow, that came out of me” feeling when they sit down on the toilet.  For people that are fairly regular, 1-3 capsules per day will work fine, people that are not so regular may need 4-6 or more capsules per day to get things moving.


  • Even though there are no diet restrictions on the colon detox, stick with a healthy diet with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.


  • Avoid alcohol, large quantities of meat, dairy, sugar, and any fast food while detoxing.


  • You can continue to take all your regular supplements and meds while on a colon detox, just see our special note at the top of the article about taking them at a different time of day from the Colon Regenerator™ powder. Using ground flax seed daily to help “sweep up” the waste pulled out by the Colon Regenerator and “escort” it out the colon is highly recommended.


  • Best to combine the Colon Detox with the 2 bottle Heavy Metal maintenance cleanse, or the 6 bottle Heavy Metal Cleanse for first time cleansers.


  • Jon Barron recommends doing a Colon Detox every six months.



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