Blood Detox and Cleanse: Products Needed

Blood Detox and Cleanse: Instructions

blood detox full body cleanse

The Blood Detox can be done as a stand alone detox, but best if combined with Jon Barron’s Liver Detox.  Before starting this cleanse, we recommend you read all the instructions and gather any necessary supplies.

What You’ll Need

blood detox full body cleanseBlood Support incorporates the most powerful blood cleansing herbs known to man. Burdock root, goldenseal root and bloodroot work to help remove toxic residues that naturally form in the blood, thus promoting optimum liver health, while at the same time supporting your blood’s natural protective properties.

More About the Blood Support

The blood detox helps the body’s ability to support normal cellular growth. It is a powerful blood purifier and lymph cleanser, cleanses the bloodstream, and supports the circulatory system.

Blood Detox Ingredients

A full description of these ingredients are summarized on our Blood Support Barron Report. Or, click on each one to read more:


Take 4 droppers (4mL) of the Blood Support™ in 1-2 oz of juice. Shake well before using. Repeat 3 times a day until bottle is finished (if you miss a dose, keep taking until the bottle is finished).

To get past the taste (very bitter, very hot), Jon recommends adding the Blood Support™ to 2 oz of thin, sweet undiluted juice such as apple or grape, downing it in one gulp like a shot of liquor, and then swishing some plain juice in your mouth to clear the taste. (By the way, although normally not a fan of bottled juices, this is one place where they actually work because they are so convenient and because you drink so little at a time.) Thick juices such as peach or orange, on the other hand, tend to coat the mouth, which makes the taste linger — not good. And diluting it simply means you have to drink more, rather than getting it all down in one quick gulp, so stick to the 1-2 oz of juice.

Bottom line: a minimum of two bottles a year–one every six months–should be considered a core part of your personal health program.


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