Heavy Metal Detox: Tips

Advice on Doing the Heavy Metal Detox


  • Use 4 droppers of Metal Magic® (4 mL), 3 times a day until bottle is finished.  (After an initial 6-bottle heavy metal detox, two 2-bottle detoxes a year should be all that’s required for maintenance.)
  • If you eat lots of fish known to be high in mercury, smoke, live downwind from a coal fueled power plant, drink lots of wine, or know that you are exposed to heavy metals in any other way, you may need to do the full 6 bottle detox every year for maintenance.
  • Because of Metal Magic®’s almost black color, many people prefer to mix it with 1-2 oz of a dark juice such as grape or pomegranate as opposed to something light and colorful like orange juice. The taste when combined with orange juice is actually quite okay, but somehow drinking black orange juice is disconcerting for many people. If the color doesn’t bother you, then use any juice you choose.
  • Drink a glass of water after consuming a 4 mL serving of the formula.
  • While doing a heavy metal cleanse, try to avoid adding more metals to the body. Eat only organic foods and avoid fluoride tooth paste, high mercury fish, aluminum cookware, etc.
  • If alcohol is a concern, you can eliminate most the alcohol in the herbal tinctures by adding the tincture dose to some warm water. As the water cools most of the alcohol will evaporate.

Heavy Metal Detox Notes:

  • There can be a mild exacerbation of symptoms of heavy metal toxicity as the mercury is being released from the body tissue by the cilantro and is in the process of being bound to the chlorella and passed out of the body. Symptoms may include: headaches, fogginess, teeth grinding at night, fatigue, nausea, and/or aching joints. That should lessen as you continue the detox and the amount of mercury being chelated diminishes.
  • You do not want to use a chelation-type formula every day. Your body actually needs small amounts of some heavy metals. After an initial 6-bottle heavy metal detox, two 2-bottle detoxes a year should be all that’s required for maintenance.
  • Metal Magic®, as is true of most detox formulas, is not recommended while pregnant because it may temporarily release toxins into the bloodstream, which can then make their way to the fetus.


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